IMWI: Training Weeks 6 & 7 April 13-26

Well, week 6 kind of flew by.  I closed on my condo on the 23rd, and the walk through was the 20th, so the week and weekend before were filled with at least one trip a day to the condo to (slowly) move what items I still had left there.  I hired movers for Saturday the 18th, but that was only for the big furniture that I wasn’t able to fit into my car :).  Even with spending the majority of my free time moving, I still managed to get in most of my training during the week, however the weekend wasn’t as successful.

Monday – As usual, was a rest day 🙂

Tuesday –  A 1 hour run and 2200y swim, however I overslept that morning so the run was the only workout I got in that day.

Wednesday – 1 hour trainer ride + 2 mile brick.

Thursday – 45 minute aerobic run, which due to some moving frustrations it ended up being pretty speedy @8:49 pace!

Friday – 45 min trainer ride and 2200y swim.

Saturday – Pretty much the entire day was filled with packing/moving/cleaning.  I even rented a rug doctor to attempt to clean the carpets at the condo, which was quite the adventure for me, going on 11 hours of the whole packing/moving/cleaning thing.  When I got home dead tired at almost 8p I decided to move my 3 hour-long ride to Sunday.

Sunday – Crappy weather forced me to ride my trainer inside.  Even though I got a decent amount of sleep the night before, I still woke up tired, probably because I was dreading going back to the condo to pick up the last few items left there.  I only managed an hour and called it quits.  So not only did I not get in the full three-hour ride, I also did not get in my scheduled 12 mile long run that weekend. Moving is no fun. 😦

Total Training Hours: 6…ouch.

Week 7 proved to be a redemption week, with no more moving to do (or use as an excuse) I finally got in ALL of my workouts!! (even the swims!) We also got tile installed in our side room, (so much better than the yucky grey carpet that was there before), so it was a good week for the house too 🙂

…now we need to paint the walls, get an area rug, maybe a new couch?…oh the list never ends…

It was not a great week for Patrick though, his allergies have been really bad this spring and he scratched his poor little chest raw.  So off to the vet we went, he’s now on antibiotics and a daily allergy pill.

Patiently waiting under the table in the exam room.

On to week 7’s training!

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 2400y swim early in the morning, followed by 1 hr speedwork after work (6.5 miles, weak for my usual speedwork, my legs weren’t happy for some reason).

Wednesday – 1:15 trainer ride, followed by 2 mile run.

Thursday – I closed on the condo! Hooray!! 1 hour run, 6.25 miles @ 9:36 pace.

Friday – 2200y swim…eaaarrrllly in the morning again.

Saturday – 3 hr ride with my ladies on the MCT, followed by a 2 mile (speedy @ 7:30 pace) run…followed by BBQ at a local restaurant nearby in Collinsville.

Sunday – JMR’s dad’s 60th birthday was that day, so we went to Quincy for lunch for his birthday and I did my long run in the evening.  It was a progressive 8 mile run, starting at marathon pace, ending at 5k pace.  It was tough.  I ended with 8 miles @ 8:17 avg pace, getting speedier!

Total Training Hours: 9:19

Gettin’ up there in the training time! Happy Monday 🙂

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