Slight Change of Plans

A little mid-week update 🙂 Ironman Wisconsin is my A race of the season and was going to be my last big race for 2015.  I wasn’t planning on turning into a couch potato after, but was going to cut back on the long-distance focused training. Well…until this happened:

CM Lottery

Ok, I’ll back up a little.  JMR had entered the Chicago Marathon lottery the day it opened, as I told him he HAD to run this race because it was so much fun (he’s never run a big marathon before that has crazy crowds of course support like Chicago).  As the weeks went by I thought about entering as well.  I ran it in 2006 as my first marathon, finishing in 4:39.  I signed up the following year hoping to PR, but it was the year that they ‘cancelled it’ due to the heat and finished, walking the last six miles, in just under 6 hours.  I returned in 2011, but didn’t end up starting due to a hip issue.  This race and I definitely have a history, and I wanted to go back and finally beat that first marathon time!  So on a whim, a couple of days before the lottery closed, I entered (I still cannot believe it was free to enter the lottery?!).

Well, luck was on our side and we both got in 🙂 (if JMR hadn’t gotten in, and I did, we weren’t going to go because the whole reason I registered was because he did!), and after getting that exciting email, I registered.  I mentioned that I wanted to PR, but IMWI is one month (I know…I know…) before the Chicago Marathon, so I’m not exactly sure how my body will feel or if it even will want to run the whole thing.  So that’s up in the air, but I am just so excited to be going back to run this awesome race!!  It does make me feel old… 9 years ago I first ran this race….that sounds so long ago!

2006 Chicago Marathon, my parents make the best signs 🙂

So a slight change of plans, the Chicago Marathon will be my last big race of 2015 🙂

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