IMWI: Training Week 9 May 4 – May 10

Yesterday ended up being pretty busy for a Monday, so I’m giving my weekly training update today 🙂

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: I hit snooze too many times, that when I finally paid attention to the time, it was too late to head to the pool, so no swim.  I really need to come up with a better game plan so I don’t miss my morning swims!  In the afternoon I did a 45 min aerobic run @ 9:17 pace.

Wednesday: 1hr trainer ride + 15 min run.

Thursday: 1 hr hill run @ 9:08 pace.

Friday: 2,400 y swim (yes, finally made it to the pool).

Saturday: 3-3.5 hr ride (50 miles) followed by 30 minute run.  Well, that was the plan.  I met a friend in Columbia, IL to ride and within 45  minutes we were greeted with light rain.  After stopping at a gas station for water/food, we headed out again and this time the rain wasn’t exactly light.

View from the gas station. It’s very wet out there!

Finally after riding for 2 hours, we were back at our cars.  My friend was going to head home and I was planning on riding another hour to get in around 50 miles, but as soon I turned around I saw lightning followed by thunder.  No dice.  So I packed up Lola (thank goodness I had a towel in the car as I was soaking wet), and headed home.  30 minutes later I was on the trainer riding away 🙂  I rode another hour and then ran 30 minutes in the rain.  By the end I just wanted a hot shower and food!  At least I got it done!

After a hot shower I ventured to the grocery store for food. I splurged and parked in the covered parking area. It’s faster to park in the regular lot, but at that point I didn’t care. I just wanted to be DRY!

Sunday: Another attempt at 12 miles, (failure #1) but this time I actually finished. 🙂  I decided to run from our house since we had mother’s day plans in the afternoon and it would be the most efficient way to get the miles in.  Efficient, but NOT easy.  Oh boy…it was sooo hilly.  I swore after I walked through the door at the end that I would NEVER do a long run again from our house!

Total Training Hours: 9:25

Well that’s about it – this week the volume is even bigger, and my main goal is to get ALL my swims in! 🙂

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