2018: Training Weeks 10 & 11

Another week (well actually 2) done and training is feeling really good.   🙂  This past weekend I had my first race of the season and it went way better than expected, which is just what I needed to keep me motivated to keep putting in the work day in and day out.

On a non-training update, JMR and I bought a new mattress!  We’ve been talking about getting a new one for well over a year, but lately JMR has been having back issues and we are overdue for a new mattress, so we pulled the trigger yesterday.  I did some online research before we headed to the store so I at least had an idea of what we were looking for and in what price range.  After trying a few different styles, we settled on a standard mattress with a foam pillow top.  I had thought I would like a memory foam mattress, since those seem to be the most popular, but I HATED them… the odd slowly sinking feeling for several minutes after you laid down felt strange and getting up was a bit tough too.  I envisioned trying to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pee after having run a long run that day and then having issues getting out, the horror! 🙂  JMR was indifferent so it was an easy decision to go with the standard mattress.  We ended up getting the floor model, which at first I was 100% ‘no way’ before we tried it out, but after seeing the huge price savings and how much more we liked it over beds in the similar price range, I caved and gave JMR the thumbs up.  At least no one has slept on it, right? They also threw in a waterproof mattress protector, so that added a little more reassurance.  Fingers crossed we like it, it arrives Saturday!  Ok, on to the past two weeks training:

Week 10: 3/5-3/11

Monday – 2300y with timed 2100y swim test.   The 2100y was a tad slower than I had hoped, but still decent time (for me).  Yoga after work

Tuesday – Speedwork-800 warmup, 10×400, 800 cooldown

Wednesday – 2050y swim in the am, 1 hr trainer ride after work

Thursday – 5.5 miles in the am which included 8 hill repeats, weights/core after work

Friday – 2600y swim in the am

Saturday – 10 mile run- 1 mi warmup, 2 miles at marathon pace (around 9:30ish for me), 6 at half marathon pace (sub 8:30) and 1 mile cooldown.  Overall it felt pretty good, and I’m getting excited to race and see what I’ve got!

Sunday – 1:30 trainer ride followed by 1 mile run

Total Training Hours: 9:15


Week 10: 3/12-3/18

Monday – 3000y swim in the am, yoga after work

Tuesday – Speedwork-800 warmup, 6×400, 800 cooldown

Wednesday – 1500y swim in the am, 1 hr trainer ride/2mi run after work

Thursday – Easy 5 mi run in the am, weights/core after work

Friday – 1800y swim in the am

Saturday – Saint Patrick’s Day 5 Mile Race, aka, RACE DAY!!  My pre-race routine went smoothly, I got up early, ate, we were parked in plenty of time, 1.5mi warmup, took my gel and lined up.

Once the gun went off I tried to settle into a not super crazy fast pace, which is tough since the first .5 miles are downhill.  I was able to reign in the pace and hit mile one at 7:24 (compared to last year which was a 7:05, waaaay too fast), the second mile was 7:25 and I was still feeling good, but also a little worried that maybe I was going a little too fast, the third mile consists of a huuuge uphill (almost .5 miles) and that split was 7:49 (the year before it was in the 8’s). I was starting to feel fatigued but kept on trucking knowing that the last two miles were mostly downhill or flat. Mile 4 was 7:23 and then I pushed it the best I could until the finish, ending around a 7:23 pace for the last mile.  My final time was 37:39 with an avg pace of 7:32 (I ran an extra .05 so my mile splits were a little off), which I was THRILLED about.  I couldn’t believe it actually… my best time for this race was 38:27 in 2012 and I was just hoping to dip into the 38’s this year, with around a 7:40/50 average pace. So to go sub 38 made me very very happy!


Now I’m REALLY excited for the Go! Half since I now know I really have gotten speedier  after consistently putting in the work (and I’m sure the 8lbs I have lost since the beginning of the year has helped also) 🙂

Sunday – 1:30 recovery trainer ride followed by a very easy 3 mile run

Total Training Hours: 9:00

So that’s a wrap!  Happy Monday 🙂

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2018: Training Week 9

This past week was a recovery week and on top of that I came down with a cold/sore throat on Friday, so this past weekend was REALLY full of recovery and not doing very much of anything.  Well, except for watching a ton (probably way too many) movies.  Saturday was the day it was the worst so I skipped my workout that day and took the first rest day since 12/29/17.  It hurt my soul a little to break my workout streak but it had to come some day, and Saturday was it.  Sunday I wasn’t feeling back to 100% but was feeling a bit better, so I hopped on the treadmill to get in a least part of my missed run on Saturday.  To my surprise my body was ok with it, and I ended up doing the whole 8 miles and close to the planned paces, so hooray for that!  This week it’s back to the grind and thank goodness I woke up Monday morning feeling much better, and today I think I’m feeling 98% better 🙂 Ok, on to last week’s workouts!

Week 9: 2/26-3/4

Monday – 2350y swim in the am

Tuesday – Easy 30 min run in the am, followed by yoga after work

Wednesday – 2550y swim in the am, followed by a 1 hr trainer ride after work

Thursday – 6 mile run with 4 @ 8:45 pace

Friday – 2100y swim at lunch… this is when I started to not feel so great.  I was hoping a swim and sauna after would help me sweat whatever it was out, but it did not.

Saturday – 8 mile run Rest Day.

Sunday – 1:30 trainer ride, followed by 10 min run.  Saturday’s 8 mile run.

Total Training Hours: 6:49

Along with bringing the volume back up this week, I am making it a goal to start getting my strength workouts in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  That’s the first thing on my training schedule to get skipped when my schedule is tight for time.  However to build up strength and to help avoid injuries I have to get it in, even it’s it’s just 30 minutes.

Ok, back to work, Happy Tuesday!




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2018: Training Week 8

These past 8 weeks of 2018 have flown by and I can’t believe today is March 1st.  During those weeks I just kept my head down and kept focusing on getting the work done, and as a result, I was consistent and I got it done!  I’m getting pretty excited to see where I am fitness-wise in my first race of the season in a little over two weeks, the St. Patrick’s Day 5 Mile Race.  I also love this race because I’ve run it for so many years and it has a great, fun atmosphere and is followed by the downtown St. Patrick’s Day parade.

On a different note, logistics for St. George/Zion are starting to get finalized!  I have my bike logistics figured out (flying with a bike is kind of a pain, especially when you aren’t savvy with bike breakdown/assembly), dinner reservations are made for the night before the 70.3 in St. George, and on Monday we will find out if we got a slot in the lottery for one of the day hikes in Zion.  More on that next week though!

Ok on to last week’s training:

Week 8: 2/10-2/25

Monday- 2150y swim in the am which included a 2x 400 swim test.  I’m getting a tiiiiny (like 1 second, lol) bit faster from the previous test

Tuesday- Speedwork: 1 mi warmup, 4×800, 4×400, 4×200, 1 mi cooldown.  Yoga after work

Wednesday- 2550y swim in the am, followed by a 75 min trainer ride after work

Thursday- Hill workout: 1 mi warmup, 8x hill repeats (on the treadmill), 1 mi cooldown

Friday- 2700y swim at lunch

Saturday- 12 mi run – longest run this year so far, followed by NO swim, hooray! (probably because my coach feared I’d drown after that ‘high’ mileage)

Sunday- 90 min trainer ride followed by a 10 min run

Total Training Hours: 10:10

This week is a down week, which I am enjoying, but I think by this weekend I will be ready to turn the volume up again. 🙂  P.S.  I can’t believe St. George is in a little over 8 weeks.  Eek!!  I think today might be the day to cut out the sugary stuff I’ve been eating after dinner so my tri kit fits!

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2018: Training Weeks 6 & 7

Time really got away from me!  I know things have been busy with work, training, and other things in life, but I didn’t realize I was already two weeks behind posts.  Training has been going well- I’m slowly but surely building up a good engine for the 2018 race season, my weight is slowly going down and the speed is going up, all good things!  Ok, a brief summary of the past 2 weeks of training:

Week 6: 2/5 – 2/11 – Total Training Hours: 8:25  This was a step-back/easy week after three weeks of higher intensity and also to ‘save’ my legs for my big final Frostbite race.  It worked, I won my age group with a 7:29 pace for the 3 mile race.  It also earned me 2nd in my Age Group for the race series. 🙂

Week 7: 2/12 – 2/18 – Total Training Hours: 10:35  Back to the grind, the focus is still on building up my run mileage so my coach added on some more miles for a long run of 10 miles with 8 @ 8:49 tempo….which was ALL done on the treadmill thanks to some unexpected snow.  I think the last time I ran that long on the treadmill was before I even did triathlons… maybe 2010?  Regardless, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered.  Now a 20 miler on the treadmill?  No. Thank. You.

Well that’s about it, Happy Monday!



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2018: Training Week 5

Another week down and it was a busy one as usual!  I can’t believe it’s already February…. so far 2018 seems to be flying.   Work was busy as I had my second re-certification test on Friday, so I was either working, working-out or studying (or eating, ha). I passed the test though so no more studying!  On Saturday JMR and I went to see the Sound of Music, which was his Christmas gift as something for us to do together.  It was nice to do something together on the weekend other than projects around the house (I’d say yardwork, but who am I kidding, I leave the yardwork up to JMR) or going out to dinner which are things we usually do for ‘us’ time.   We did watch the Superbowl with my family, however since I don’t care about football it really was more of a commercial watching/halftime entertainment/eating event for me. I did stay up LATE and watched the new episode of ‘This is Us’ which brough me to tears as usual (it’s such a darn good show).

On a training related note week 5 was the largest week of volume so far for 2018 and also 2017 with the exception of one 12 hour week the week of 2/6.  So hooray for that!  This week is a recovery week as I have my last Frostbite Series race on Saturday and then it’s back to the grind next week.

Week 5: 1/29-2/4

Monday: 2650y swim in the am, followed by Hot Yoga after work

Tuesday: Speedwork – 1mi warmup, 12×100 work up to sprint, 12×200 @5k w/ 1min RI, 1 mi cooldown

Wednesday: 2550y swim in the am, followed by a 70 min trainer ride after work

Thursday: Tempo run – 5 miles w/ 3@ tempo pace with 2min RI

Friday: 2600y swim in the am

Saturday: 8 mi run with 6 @Half-Marathon pace. I’m not where I would like my pace to be, but was able to run around 8:40ish for the 6 so hooray for that!  After the run I headed to the pool to swim 2500y

Sunday: 90 minute trainer ride followed by 10 minutes on the treadmill

Total Training Hours: 10:04

An added bonus is that I felt pretty good Sunday afternoon, my body wasn’t angry and I didn’t need to nap the rest of the afternoon, so it looks like my body is adapting to the slowly increased workload each week 🙂  However I’m definitely ready for an ‘easier’ week this week!  As usual I have no pictures to post, so here’s a picture of Patrick after he got groomed on Thursday:


Happy Monday!

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2018: Training Week 4

This is just a short update since the past week wasn’t too eventful.  My coach wasn’t kidding when he said at the beginning of January that he wanted me to get several weeks of consistent training completed before switching things up, so week 4 was pretty darn similar to the previous 3 weeks with a few variations in workouts.  However, what has changed is that my time/paces have improved over the course of the four weeks, so he is on to something!

Week 4: 1/22-1/28

Monday: 2225y swim in the am, and 1 hour of hot yoga after work

Tuesday: Speedwork in the am: 1 mi warmup, 2×800, 4×400, 8×200 all @ 5k pace w/ 1 min active RI, 1 mi cooldown

Wednesday: 2550y swim in the am followed by 70 min trainer ride after work

Thursday: 50 min run w/ 6×2 min @ 5k pace

Friday: 2650y in the am.  Main set: 2×15 min- I managed to get in 825 for each interval and that’s fast for me these days!

Saturday: Frostbite series 4mi race.  This went better than expected! I finished with a 7:53avg, which was 20 seconds faster per mile than the 5k I ran two weeks before, so hooray for speedwork and consistency paying off! 🙂

Sunday: 70 min trainer ride followed by 10min run on the treadmill

Total Training Hours: 9:03

Staying consistent by sticking with the theme of ‘no excuses’, so the goal for 2018 is going strong 🙂

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2018: Training Week 3

Hooray, three weeks down of consistent training, and an early swim this morning to start week 4 off on the right foot!  Other than work and training, last week was pretty uneventful as I had a re-certification exam for work on Friday and pretty much spent all of my free time outside of work/training to STUDY.  Ugh. To help keep me awake and help me focus while studying, I have been relying heavily on coffee, thanks to the $50 worth of Starbuck’s gift cards I found buried in a drawer.  I haven’t had coffee (let alone caffeine) since April 2017, and boy did it help, however now I am craving it every morning!  So as a compromise I have been making my own with our Keurig and saving the rest of the Starbuck’s gift card for the next re-certification test I’m taking on 2/2.

Oh I did forget one fun detail from last week…. my car died Tuesday morning.  On the positive side, at least it died in our driveway.  After the tow truck hauled it away that morning (JMR tried to jump it with no luck) the shop called that afternoon with the bad news that it was the alternator that had crapped out, which also fried my battery.  On top of that, the pulley/belt which was causing some weird noises I noticed back in July was finally due to be repaired (I kept putting it off because the noise didn’t sound ‘that’ bad…), so it was a double whammy costing over 1k.  Ugh.  And I just spent a good chunk of $ on new rear brakes three weeks ago, I wish I was more savvy with fixing cars!

Ok, moving on to a more fun subject, week 3’s training!  I also have to apologize for no pictures in this post, I’m really slacking on my picture-taking these days.

Week 3: 1/15-1/21

Monday – 2250y swim in the am, and hot yoga after work

Tuesday – Speedwork: 1mi  warmup, 8×1 min @ 5k pace, 4×2 min @ 10k pace and 1 mi c/d. Note that I somehow misread the 4×2 pace and did that at 5k pace, which seemed odd to me at the time, and now I know why!

Wednesday – 2550y in the am, followed by 68 min trainer ride after work

Thursday – 5 miles with 3 @ tempo pace

Friday – 2275y in the am

Saturday – 6 miles with 4 @ HM pace, followed by a 2150y recovery swim (yes, you read that right… I swam FOUR times last week.  FOUR!!!)

Sunday – 70 min trainer ride, followed by a 10 min run

Total Training Hours: 9:00

Yeah! 9 hours right on the nose!  I did miss strength work this week (and have most weeks) as I’m having trouble fitting that in with everything else going on.  I might just do  core/a few upper body exercises and then my PT exercises for my hips and call it a day as right now I can’t seem to find an extra hour to head to the gym for a second workout most Tues/Thurs.

On that note, Happy Monday 🙂  Even though it’s rainy here this morning, it’s 50 degrees out, so I’m loving the non-tundra temps we are having!

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