IMWI: Training Week 5 April 6-12

Week 5?!?  Where the heck has time gone?  I was planning on posting weekly recaps but that obviously didn’t happen, so rather than going back and recapping each fairly uneventful training week, I’ll just move on to week 5.  FYI I didn’t make it to the pool during any other those three weeks 🙂 I had a step back/easy week last week, which worked out well since we went to Quincy to visit JMR’s family for Easter weekend.

JMR’s mom is very talented and made these two cute bunnies with our initials as gifts for Easter. Love them!

On to the weekly training….

Monday: Rest day 🙂

Tuesday: overslept and missed my am swim, but ran 6 in the evening in @ 9:26 pace

Wednesday: 45 min spin on the bike

Thursday: I swam! I finally got in the pool, 2200 yards, and boy was I slow, but I guess that was to be expected.  At least I swam.

Friday: 1 hr run, legs were feeling great and managed to fit in 6.4 miles @ 9:22 pace

Saturday: Finally a ride outside, my buddy R joined me who hasn’t been training much, so it wasn’t the fastest ride, but we got some miles in and had some fun.  The 33.5 mile ride was followed by a short 2 mile run @ 8:58 pace, 8:2o pace

Sunday: 10 mile run…along a reallly hilly road near my house.  There was a marathon and half-marathon going on downtown, and the course goes into Forest Park, where I usually do my long runs, so I stayed close to home to avoid crazy traffic and parking issues.  It was a painful run.  Suffered but still finished (on a hill!) with a 9:35 avg.

Total training hours: 7:45

Not too far from my last training update hours-wise, but the volume will be building up again (including swimming for once!), especially since my first half is June 7th. I have a feeling it may not be my best race, but it will make for a good training day! Because my post is lacking any fun pictures, here is a picture of patrick hiding under the coffee table.  Or maybe he’s relaxing since his legs are sprawled out.  Yes his fur needs to be brushed, he was playing in the mud earlier so he just had his feet/legs washed.

I need my fur brushed!

Since today is a Monday, it’s a rest day BUT I close on my condo next week (finally I got an offer after it being on the market since last October!), and I have to be moved out by Sunday.   So I will be over there tonight and probably every other night this week packing, pitching and finding items to donate.  How did I acquire so much stuff?  I swear I’m not a hoarder…. Anyways, Happy Monday! 🙂

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