2018: Training Week 15

Another week closer to St. George, less than three weeks in fact, and in just about two weeks I’ll be in a plane headed there!  The last week of training was more of a recovery week since I had just raced the Go! Half that previous Sunday and also I was traveling for work, so it was a pretty light training week.  I’ll keep this post brief just like my training week 🙂

Training Week 15: 3/9-3/15

Monday – 30 min recovery swim in the am

Tuesday – 1 hr easy trainer ride in the am before heading to Fort Smith, AR for work.  Was not looking forward to the 7 hour car ride!

Wednesday – Quick 30 min run on the treadmill in the hotel gym before heading into the clinics for go-live support

Thursday – 30 min run outside since the one and only treadmill in the gym was already taken.  The first 15 minutes or so were in the dark, but the lights on the sidewalk were bright so I felt pretty safe running outside.  Good to know in case the treadmill is taken Friday am!

Friday – 15 min run on the treadmill… I didn’t time this right at all, as soon as I got on the treadmill and did the math I realized I would have been way late to the clinic because I hadn’t accounted for packing and checking out of the hotel first.  Oh well, at least I got in a teeny tiny run!

Saturday – Easy 6 mile run outside, followed by an hour of yoga in the afternoon.  I reallllly needed that yoga class from sitting in the car most of Tuesday, being on my feet for 10+ hours Wednesday/Thursday, on them again for 5 hours on Friday and then in the car for 7 hours that afternoon.  Boy was I tight and stiff!

Sunday – Mother nature just doesn’t believe in spring this year.  So…. I rode 3 hours on the trainer (boo!!) followed by a 20 minute run on the treadmill.  I’m not sure what the deal was, but my legs were pretty dead at 2.5 hours into the 3 hour ride… I could barely push easy watts those last 30 minutes.  I’m hoping it was a combination of the long car rides plus being on my feet much longer than I’m used to.

Total Training Hours: 8:04

For missing so many workouts during the week I’m surprised I even got in 8 hours.  Ok, back to work, Happy Tuesday!

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