2018: Training Weeks 16 & 17

Hooray, this week is race week!  In two days I’ll be in St. George, UT!  However in the meantime, I’m a little behind on my training updates, so here’s a quick update on training weeks 16 and 17:

Week 16: 4/16-4/22

Monday – 2900y swim in the am, yoga in the pm

Tuesday – Speedwork in the am: 800 w/u, 6×800, 800 c/d, followed by an hour easy ride after work

Wednesday – 2350y swim in the am, followed by probably the hardest weekday trainer ride so far this year after work.  Ouch.  I survived though.

Thursday – Hill repeats on the treadmill

Friday – 2100y swim in the am

Saturday – 10 mile run with 8 @ sub 8 pace.  Sadly only two miles were actually at sub 8…just couldn’t get the head and legs to get with the program.  Later in the afternoon I did an hour of hot yoga.


Despite only 2 sub 8’s, still a speedier 10 mile long run for me!

Sunday – This weather.  Sigh.  3 hours on the trainer, with 6×15 min at race pace, followed by a 20 min run.  I realllly hope that’s the longest ride I have to do on the trainer this season.

Total Training Hours: 12:33

Week 17: 4/23-4/29

Monday – 2900y swim in the am.  Later that afternoon I felt like I was coming down with a sore throat/cold so I skipped yoga.

Tuesday – Track workout in the am, 1 hr ride in pm  woke up feeling worse, so I waited until noon to decide if I should attempt my run or not… after texting with my coach, it was decided to take today off and get my immune system back to its healthy state.

Wednesday – woke up feeling a bit better so I swam 2350y in the am and rode the trainer for an hour after work.

Thursday – I was dreading this run once I saw it on my schedule… 1 mile warmup, 3×1 @ 7:30 with 2 min RI and then 2 miles at 1/2 IM RP (8:15-20).  It looked tough.  Plus, it was all on the treadmill, and I couldn’t decide if mentally mile repeats were easier on the track with things to stare at, or easier to just put my head down and run on the treadmill.  Regardless, I got it done and hit all of the paces, so hoooray!


I don’t even know what this means, but I’ll take it 🙂

Friday – 2125y swim at lunch

Saturday – 7 mile run with 5@ sub 8, and hit all 5 at a sub 8 pace. 🙂  Later that afternoon I did an hour of yoga.

Sunday – I RODE OUTSIDE!!  2 hours, with 1 hour at RP effort.  Overall it felt good, I rode one of my usual go-to semi hilly routes and felt like I was in pretty good shape compared to how I usually feel on the hills.  Granted it was nowhere as hilly as St. George, but 1. riding outside + 2. Riding a few hills to make sure I remember how to change gears (ha) was a pretty good confidence booster for me.  After the ride I ran 20 minutes at RP.  Later in the afternoon I snuck in another hour of yoga.

Total Training Hours: 9:36

This week is REALLY light since I’m in full taper mode, in fact I think I’m spending more time packing/organizing things for the trip than doing any swimming, biking or running.  Happy Tuesday!

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