Training Updates – IMWI Training Week 1

The last couple of weeks before January 1st were busy with lots of holiday festivities and some training, but nothing too exciting to report about…well I guess there is one exciting thing to report, I bought JMR a treadmill for Christmas!!  He’s been asking for one for a while since he works long hours and running at night isn’t the greatest option (especially in the winter when it’s icy out, day or night).  He did have a gym membership last year and went zero times, so I wan’t going to push that option again. So after a lot of research and a little drama (do NOT buy a Nordictrack Treadmill, that’s all I’m going to say about that, I won’t even get into the story)…I bought him a new LifeFitness T3 Treadmill from 2nd Wind, and it is beautiful. 🙂   So that was the big news in our house for a while :).


I even bought a red bow! 

Workout related I ‘raced’ a 5 mile run on January 1st because JMR had already signed up and I had 5 miles on my schedule, so why not?  It was hardly ‘race’ pace for me after a late night (I made it past midnight! First time in three years I think) with probably one too many glasses of wine, but I got it done.  When we got home we celebrated the run/New Years Day by making a big breakfast of sausage, eggs, biscuits and fruit  🙂


So this past week was the ‘official’ first week of IMWI training and wasn’t too different from the previous weeks, but I guess because it’s now ‘officially IMWI training’, I’m feeling a little more serious about it.  No missed swims and every workout was done on the planned day.  Let’s see if I can keep that up past week one… 🙂  I’ve also been cleaning up my diet along with taking my Amazing Supergrass Geen Superfood and my Pure Clean Powder Beet Powder.  I’ve been taking Amazing Supergrass in the mornings with breakfast and it really helps keep my energy consistent throughout the day, whereas in December I wasn’t as consistent about taking it and could really tell my energy was lacking in the afternoon on days I didn’t take it (although I probably didn’t eat very healthy on those days which I’m sure didn’t help).  Also I am back to taking Pure Clean Powder before my workouts and they have seemed stronger and more focused (if I do two workouts a day, I just take it before the first one).  I stopped taking it during the off-season because it is a little pricey, but now I remember why I started taking it to begin with! I’m not sure how my stomach will handle either on race day (I never took the Pure Clean Poweder on race day last season), so I will have to experiment with that, but fortunately I have plenty of time!


The usual suspects, plus Infinit for my long trainer ride on Saturday morning.

Other than training, this past Saturday we finally took our Christmas decorations down (lights are still up though…it’s asss cold outside so I think we’ll wait until Wednesday when it’s supposed to be a high of 60!) and I also got up early before my Sunday am swim and run to go grocery shopping for the week.  I have tried to do meal planning in the past, but usually have failed after a week or two (the holidays were a bad idea to try to attempt with so many different events going on), so I’m hoping that this time it will stick.  I already have meal plans and grocery lists planned for the next two weeks, so there is hope!


Ok, on to training!  Not a huge volume, although I do have my migraine to blame for Monday’s shortened workout:

Monday – 1975y.  Soo…this was supposed to be a challenge: Do as many 100’s you can but stop at 100.  I thought to myself after reading that… stop at 100? that’s like…10,000 freaking yards!  So I thought my coach must have been joking.  That morning I woke up with a migraine, but was determined to start off my IMWI training without missing the first workout, so I headed to the pool…I think everyone made swimming their New Years Resolution or something because I have never seen it that crowded…and tried to hammer away.  After doing circle swimming with two ladies that swam at completely different speeds, and my head pounding, I called it a day at 1975y (which I’m pretty sure was 2000y but I was still trying to figure out my new watch).  Later that afternoon I saw my coach had posted on FB that he did 100×100.  Woah.  I guess he wasn’t joking.  Then I really felt like a slacker.

Tuesday – 3miles of speedwork/stairs

Wednesday – 55 min trainer ride at lunch followed by a 2100y swim after work (hate swimming at night…but oveslept that am)

Thursday – Weights in the am followed by 5 mile run with 3 @ 8:30 pace at lunch.  I. Am. Out. Of. Running. Shape.  It was painful and shouldn’t have been, that is all.

Friday – Off

Saturday – 2 hr trainer ride at 75%.  My legs were a little fatigued by the end, but I got it done!

Sunday – 2800y swim followed by a 5mi run on the treadmill (took a Powerbar Powergel in between the swim and run)

Total Training Hours: 7:07

Ok, back to the grind!

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