Training Updates – IMWI Training Week 2

Well last week flew by and I can’t believe it’s already Monday 😦  I wish I had an extra day! I contemplated taking today off, but I’m on call so that really wasn’t an option anyways.  This will be a quick update, so I’ll get right to the training details!

Monday  –  1850y swim…and managed to walk out of the locker room with a huge glob of lotion on my nose, and didn’t notice until I got home.  Sigh. I’m sure that gave a few people a good laugh 🙂

Tuesday – 3 miles with speedwork

Wednesday – 2100y swim in the am, followed by a trainer ride with intervals after work

Thursday – 5 mile tempo run with 3@8:30…and I survived and felt much stronger than last week, hooray!

Friday – Strength

Saturday – Bike Test – 2×20 min with 5 min recovery interval.  Woof! That was tough, physically and mentally. I have been really working on this bike this winter and was a little dissapointed with my FTP (it was 178 last February and according to this test it is now 182). But I guess it’s better to have at least improved rather than have regressed!

Sunday – Swim test… I totally failed and did not make it to the pool… I will make up the test this evening (monday night).

Total Training Hours: 5:42

Along with nailing my training except for sunday (although the workouts aren’t very long and I only have 1-2 2 a days, I wonder how consistent I will be once the load starts increasing), I also did a good job with meal planning last week and am on track again this week!  Ok, back to the grind!

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