Training Updates: Dec 5 – Dec 18

Well these past two weeks haven’t been too high in volume, but instead focusing on just trying to get into a training routine so that when IMWI training officially starts on 1/2/17, I can hit the ground running.  I will say what will be one of the bigger challenges for me is getting my darn monday morning swim workout in.  Mondays are rough in general and then to head to the pool to swim just doesn’t sound like fun at all.  I’ve usually been making up those swims on Fridays (my planned rest day), but once the training volume increases, I really can’t be moving things around too much as Mondays are supposed to be active recovery days and Fridays are rest days.  I did get up this am and get my swim in, so at least this week is off to a good start 🙂  Ok, on to the past two weeks of training:

12/5 – 12/-11

Monday – 1550 y swim at lunch followed by 20 min of yoga after work

Tuesday – Track session – 3.5 miles total

Wednesday – 2400y swim in the am, 50 min trainer ride at lunch

Thursday – 1hr trainer ride at lunch, followed by 20 min of strength training after work

Friday – Off

Saturday – 2 hr trainer ride

Sunday – 300y swim followed by a 5mi run on the treadmill

Total Training Hours: 7:17


12/12 – 12/-18

Monday – 1550 y swim in the am, 20 min of yoga at lunch

Tuesday – Track workout – 3 miles total

Wednesday – 55 min trainer ride at lunch, followed by 1700y swim after work

Thursday – 65 min trainer ride at lunch, followed by 20 min of strength after work

Friday – Off

Saturday – Frostbite Series 3k.  Ouch.  I was 20 seconds slower per mile than last year.  The temperatures were completely different this year (this year it was freezing) but that shouldn’t account for that big of a difference.  The next race in two weeks is 2 miles.  The goal is to have a pace faster than my 3k pace!  After the race I got home, showered, ate breakfast and then headed to the pool to do Sunday’s swim since I had a family Xmas brunch Sunday morning and wouldn’t be able to get my swim in.  2800 yards done!

After the swim I did a little Xmas shopping, bought groceries for dinner that night and Sunday night, cleaned, did several loads of laundry, and by the time dinner was ready, I was wiped!  Usually we go out to dinner on Saturday nights, but because the weather this weekend was freezing – as in single digits – with a mix of snow, we were happy to stay at home and eat the Jambalaya I made (and oh boy I have leftovers for days….).

Sunday – A couple of hours after brunch I finally dragged my butt to the gym, but all I wanted to do was nap.  I started on the treadmill but just couldn’t will myself to stare at the wall for 50ish minutes, so I headed to the track and ran 50, yes 50 laps to get in 5 miles.  As boring as that was, I still think it was better than the treadmill.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch.  I think Saturday’s activites wore me out!

Total Training Hours: 5:50

I don’t have any fun pictures to share this week, but I promise I will next week 🙂  Ok, back to the grind, Happy Monday!

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