IMWI: Training Week 8 April 27 – May 3

This will be a quick recap as I didn’t take any pictures this week and it was a pretty light week training-wise!

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – 2000y swim with a 1000 time trial (17:30) in the middle.  Not my speediest but not bad either for it being this early in the season.  In the afternoon I did an easy 45 min run, 5 miles @ 9min pace.

Wednesday – 45 minute trainer ride.

Thursday – 1 hr run, very hilly, 6.6 miles @ 9:05 pace.

Friday – Fail.  Overslept and did not get my swim in.

Saturday – 1 hr Ride/ 2 mile Run/ 1 hr Ride/ 2 mile Run… I figured it would be easier to ride my trainer than attempt to do this elsewhere and have to lock up my bike each time.  Plus, doing the second hour ride at a time trial effort, I could push hard and not have to worry about cars, pedestrians or dogs 🙂  This was a tough workout!

Sunday – 1 hr tempo run, with 3 miles @ Half Marathon pace, ended just shy of 7 miles, 6.93 with an overall average 8:40 pace.  This was a short run, even with the HM effort I didn’t think it was going to be tough.  Boy was I wrong.  I was beat after this run!

Total Training Hours: 6:41

Next week the volume is back up and if I get all of my workouts in, will be closer to 10-11 hrs.  Yipes!

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