Back into a Groove, IMWI: Training Week 1 March 16-22

Phew! Between the wedding (and planning), honeymoon and moving into the new house life has been busy!  Also adjusting to married life and getting into our own routines has taken a while, but I think we’ve finally gotten into a groove 🙂

This past week I FINALLY got in almost all of my training, a record since November I think! I was out-of-town Wednesday and Thursday for work, so that made me shift a few things around and I also ended up missing my swims this week (well, nothing new there) but other than that, I even got in my long ride and run!  So in honor of that, I’ll just start this as the official training week 1.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – crazy day at work so only 25 min spin

Wednesday – 45 min spin on the trainer (looove my kickr)

Thursday – 15 min run/ 45 min ride on trainer/ 15 min run, it felt good to shake my legs out after three days of no running!

Friday  – 6 mile progression run, which was … well, rough!  I was supposed to do 2 miles at marathon pace, 2 at half-marathon pace, 1 at 10k pace and 1 at 5k pace.  Wellll I got kind of excited since this was sort of a time trial to see where my speed was and went waaay too fast during the first two miles: 8:52/9:02.  That’s not even close to my marathon pace. Quick bathroom break because my stomach wasn’t a fan of my pace, however the next two miles were closer to actual half-marathon pace: 8:02/8:30.  Another bathroom break. Poor stomach. 10k: 7:47 and 5K: 7:43 with a short walk break in the middle because I was worried I was going to throw up.  It was pretty ugly.  So my key takeaway from this workout was… I’m out of shape 🙂  Oh well, it’s still really early in my season, so lots of time to improve!

Saturday – 2:15 riding OUTSIDE!! followed by a 2 mile run.  Overall it felt good to ride outside, so happy spring is finally here.

Stuck waiting on the train with 1.5 miles left to the car!

Random photo of bike/feet while waiting on the train to prove I did in fact ride outside 🙂

Sunday – 1:30 run, with 6 x 1 minute pickups in the second half.  Ran 9.5 miles with an average of a 9:31 pace.  Hooray!  Almost to double digits and my hips were happy – they’ve been getting irritated again so I have been doing lots of foam rolling with this bad boy:

Rolling on the foam roller, not Patrick. He hasn’t made a blog appearance in a while so I thought I would let him be in the picture. He doesn’t look happy, I woke him up from his nap for the picture.

JMR also did his long run at the same park (he’s training for the Sunburst Marathon in June and also signed up for the Chicago Marathon lottery), so it was fun to see him several times during the run.  Too bad he got fast and we don’t run at the same pace anymore!  I guess that’s motivation to start getting speedier 🙂

So in total: 7:21 hours for the week

Not a ton of volume (ha, this week if I actually get my swims in will be closer to 10 hours), but still better than sitting on the couch!

IMWI is 25 weeks away…so close, but so far!

Happy Monday!

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