New Year, New Name… New home! :)

Well I think it’s been a few months since my last post…but I was BUSY with everything not triathlon…instead…my wedding!

Here’s a peek of me and JMR after the ceremony (iPhone picture, professional ones are coming soon!)

photo (3)

Even though I tried to keep thinking ‘simple’, I did manage to incorporate a few things that resembled our personalities and love for being active to make it a bit more personal.  I created a wedding ‘race bib’ and framed it for people to sign instead of a guest book

And of course we had running shoe cookies as parting gifts for the guests.

photo 3 (2)

The Monday aftere the wedding we left for our honeymoon in Punta Cana!

image (1)

View of the beach

image (3)

Under the tiki hut in the shade (where we spent most of our time)


View from our balcony

image (8)

Sunset view from our balcony.

Which was relaxing, fun, included no sunburns, AND I managed to win in an archery contest.  Lol.  (I got a medal!) However I did manage to get sick right at the end of the trip and ended up with an angry stomach and an upper respiratory infection.  After seeing my NP and getting a round of antibiotics combined with almost a week of rest at home,  I was finally feeling rested and ready to start hitting the pool, pavement and trainer!

On a different note, we are pretty close to getting settled in the house (well, to the point where I feel like we can wait on a few projects).  As I said before, JMR has lived here since November…but…it was quite the bachelor pad with no furniture 🙂 The painting in most of the rooms is finished (I have JMR to thank, I HATE painting), our dining room chairs, couches and living room furniture have all finally arrived too!  It’s starting to feel like a home now.

Also since the weather was nice this weekend, JMR put together our fire pit!  Can’t wait to use it now that we can hang out on the deck in the evenings.

Here’s a fun picture of JMR shoveling the driveway.  I started this post a month ago when there was snow on the ground 🙂

Oh the joys of home ownership.



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