November…err…December Already?

Yes, that’s what I thought when I realized I hadn’t finished my IMLOU race recaps.  Now that I finally have finished them, (and now it’s almost December when I’m finishing this post) it’s time to get caught up on things other than triathlon 🙂

On November 3, JMR and I closed on our very first home!  We are both excited (well, I’m a bit freaked out since I’m still trying to sell my condo) and can’t wait to paint and start getting things moved in.  Considering how slow the market has been, I plan to just stay in my condo and move in after the wedding (unless it miraculously sells) and JMR will move into the house by the end of November.  This will work out nicely because I HATE painting and JMR won’t agree to hire someone, so he can fill his evenings with painting when we gets home 🙂

Wedding planning is moving along…I have my first dress fitting on December 15th – hopefully it goes well!  Invitations are also in, so it’s time to stuff the envelopes and get them ready to be sent out this weekend.  Other than a few smaller details (gifts for the wedding party, welcome bags for out-of-town guests, wedding programs…ok, more than a few but I’ll stop there) I think I can finally relax and not be doing something for the wedding every single day like it has been the past couple of months.

Fine..I can’t help having a tiny training update….I started working with my coach again mid October and we are slowly ramping up my hours (which has been hard between wedding things, work, house stuff, condo stuff) and I’m now up to a very small 6 hours this week!  I am happy that I’m at least keeping up with training since it’s helping with my sanity during all of this craziness.  Also, I need to maintain somewhat of a base because I have a few big races next season, but the biggest isn’t until September, so I have some time to enjoy (ha, work on) the new home and being married before I have to devote early am’s on the weekend to training rides/runs (plus JMR will probably be training for a marathon and will be busy with that as well…or…fixing up our ugly kitchen!)


That’s about all that’s going on right now – I’m planning on riding my trainer tonight and doing a Turkey Trot tomorrow morning to help make a dent in the calories I will be consuming tomorrow evening…mmm…stuffing!

Finally, so I have at least one picture in my post…here’s a picture of Patrick.  I think he found his favorite spot in the new house.


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