13 Weeks to go…Weekly Recap

Oh boy, I figured I better post the past two weeks workouts/training before I got three weeks behind!  Plus, I still need to finish my race report for TriGreen!

With 14 weeks to go, I managed to get in most of my workouts with the exception of two swims and a run.  For some reason in my mind, skipping a swim seems like the least awful of the three disciplines to skimp on.  I know… I know… I need to get in the darn pool!

Week of 8/12:

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 45 min run

Wednesday – Brick: 1:30 bike/ 2mi run

Thursday – 1 hour run, 2650 y swim

Friday – Easy 1 hr trainer ride

Saturday – 3:40 ride, started too late, wasn’t able to fit 40 min brick in

Sunday – Woke up feeling icky and 7 mi run kept getting pushed back until I realized it wasn’t happening

Total Training Hours: 9:05 😦  Oh boy.  Mucho lighter week than planned.  Not even the volume for a Half Ironman.  Ouch.

The following week was a bit better, but I still missed a couple of swims:

Week of 8/19:

Monday – I was hoping to squeeze in my missed ‘long run’ from Sunday but between cleaning my house and packing for my trip (leaving Tuesday am for a training course for work) before I knew it, it was 8p and the run wasn’t happening.  I need to really plan better… mornings shouldn’t have the option of sleeping in (until 7a) any more.  I love my bed, but missing workouts is starting to not be cool.  Side note, I found it pretty amusing that more than half of my carry-on bag was workout clothes rather than work clothes. Ha.

Tuesday – Hit the road, checked into the hotel and went for a 6.5 mi run. In 93 degree weather.  It was hot.  I got it done.  Felt a little bit of redemption for my missed run on Sunday

Wednesday – Ok, so the plan was to swim in the pool using these (you put the velcro straps around your ankles and then tie yourself to the railing so you swim in place). I was pretty darn pumped about them, despite how silly I would look.  Swimsuit, goggles, swim cap…even my waterproof iPod were packed.  One minor detail….the pool was a freaking water park.  Slide, waves, basketball hoops….yeah, swim wasn’t happening.  Darn.

Awesome slide and waves...not so awesome for swimming in place.

Awesome slide and waves…not so awesome for swimming in place.

I had planned to get up early and run on Thursday but figured I would run after training instead and pack in the am.  6.6 miles done in an hour.  Boom.  Getting my speed back!

Thursday – Travel day/rest day.  Due to my flight getting delayed, I got home around 12:30.  Thank goodness I took Friday off.

Friday – woke up around 9 and hit the road on my bike for a 1:30 ride…boy was the road I ride on the weekends busy.  Super busy… after 50 minutes I was on my trainer at home (and safe) for an additional 40 minutes, followed by a 2 mi run.  After meeting JMR for lunch, I headed to the local outdoor 50 meter pool to swim….drumroll….3100 meters!  Longest swim ever (well, maybe since swim team when I was younger…but since I can’t remember, it doesn’t count!).

Saturday – Impromptu rest day – Today PT and I were headed to Louisville to cheer T on while she raced her first Ironman.  I was going to run, but ran out of time (ha) when PT and I realized that Louisville was an hour ahead and if we were going to meet T and her family for dinner, we had to hit the road an hour earlier than planned.  Bummer (we did make it on time, PT is an awesome driver)

Sunday – IRONMAN LOUISVILLE!!  Ok, this section deserves its own post, so I will be writing a separate one shortly (I promise!  It will happen!), The day involved lots of cheering, bike riding (3+hrs….I counted three of them in my training… probably not exactly super intensive though, but I missed my ride that weekend), and a speedy 10 mile run while T was on the bike.  A late, late, night, but a fun, fun day.

Total Hours: 10:11… still not where I need to be.  I blame those two swims I had to skip, almost 2 full training hours.  Pfft (excuses…excuses…)

So that wraps up the last two weeks….which means…. OMIGODIMAZISTHREEMONTHSAWAY….. I thought that IMLou would pump me up, but honestly, it freaked me out!  So many people on the run looked so rough… and it really is such a long day…. I have faith in my coach, but that still doesn’t help my natural tendency to freak the heck out.  Talk about lighting some fire under my feet… these next twelve weeks = FOCUS!!  I have a little over 13 hours of training this week and I’m going to kick its butt.  Yeah, you heard me…I’m doing all of my swims!! (although I only have two this week).  Off to bed!  Early swim tomorrow am!!

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