15 Weeks to go….Weekly Recap

15 weeks to go, and today is a rest day.  Phew! Just a quick post to recap training this week!

I finally got in all of my workouts this week…usually I get in almost all of them but usually miss a swim (or two).

Monday – forced rest day – still didn’t feel 100% better, so moved long run to Tuesday

Tuesday – 9 mile run, farthest run for 2013!

Wednesday – Brick 1:30 ride, followed by a 2 mi run

Thursday – 2500 swim in the am, 45 minute run in the pm

Friday – 2550 swim in the pm

Saturday – Brick 60 min ride, followed by a 20 min run

Sunday – TriGreen Olympic – race report to follow shortly!  No PR, but still an improvement from my last olympic this year

Total training hours: 9:55

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