12 Weeks to go…Weekly Recap

Phew!  Time really is flying… just a quick post to recap my 8/26 week of training (sorry, it’s boring with no pics!)…

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 1 hr (6.5 mile) tempo run…in the heat!!  It was so super hot out! I guess it’s good training for Redman though 🙂

Wednesday – 1.5 hr ride/2 mile brick.  Got in 25 miles on the bike and my run was ok, but the heat really slowed down my pace a bit.  After the ride my mom, dad, aunt and uncle met up with me for dinner at the Lakehouse restaurant in the park we rode at (they rode together and I did my fun interval training around the park).

Thursday – 1 hour aerobic run followed by a 2850 y swim

Friday – 1 hr boring spin on the trainer.  I’m going to have to figure out how to make it interesting again, because as it gets darker out earlier, I’m also going to have to move my Wednesday brick rides inside too 😦  That or get to work super early so I can leave by 4!  Although probably by October, that won’t help much either…..so get used to seeing this fun view 2x a week!

Saturday – Long ride, was originally supposed to be a hilly ride, but the only group I could find to ride with was riding flats but longer than the distance I had on my schedule, so I figured it was a good trade off.  Not ideal, but riding solo isn’t an option for 3+ hr long rides.  78 miles in the heat followed by a pitiful 1 mile run.

After the ride on Saturday JMR and I headed over to T and her husband A’s place for bbq and hanging out poolside.  The other girls, PT and SS, were also there so it ended up being an afternoon/evening of everything Ironman/triathlon.  T had so many tips and stories from Ironman Louisville which led to more discussion and before we knew it, it was 9p and JMR and I had to call it a night.  I was wiped from my ride in the heat and ready for bed!  Plus, I think that was a bit too much Ironman discussion for JMR 🙂

Sunday – I slept in and JMR and I finally started our long run at 10a.  With like 120% humidity.  Ok, fine, not that much obviously, but it was around 95 degrees when we finished.  It was a tough, hot and hilly run, but we managed to get in all 11 around a 10:30 pace, which I was happy with considering there were some parts that I just wanted to walk.  Like I said before, good Redman training!!

After the run, we collapsed on my living room floor, we went to REI for a few items, JMR wanted a handheld water bottle and I needed to stock up on gels and bike tubes.  Then we stopped for lunch and headed to my pool to people watch.  Sadly it wasn’t very crowded by the time we got there, but it was still nice to relax!

Monday – rest day.. lounging on the couch…. and then to my parents house for dinner.

Total Training Hours: 12:48

I did miss one swim, but because of the longer ride on Saturday, I was only around 25 minutes short of the planned time.  Not too shabby, but no more missing swims if I want to actually survive the 2.4 miles in November!  This week my coach has 14:45 training hours planned…she’s not messing around with my training anymore!

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