A New Milestone!

Just a quick post to mark a running ‘milestone’ in my training this year! (I hope I don’t jinx myself now!)

Tuesday I ran the farthest I’ve run all year…in fact, since October 2012!  9 whole miles!!  It wasn’t pretty…. granted the heat index was 93 when I started….and it didn’t feel perfect…my right hip had a few twinges, but I got it done!  My average pace was around 10 minutes, which is much slower than my long run pace last year, but I’ll take it!  I was good and had my protein shake afterwards, did lots of stretching and drank lots of water.  I also slept in compression sleeves and the next day I felt pretty darn good!

The rest of the week has been filled with my usual workouts, brick workout Wed pm at a local nearby park, swim Thurs am/ run Thurs pm, and swimming after work tonight (usually swim Tues am, but things got moved around due to my long run being on Tuesday).  Also, my weekend brick will probably be the shortest it’s been all season due to having an Olympic race on Sunday – TriGreen!  I’m really excited to race it since I did it for the first time last year and am hoping to see some improvement, although my running isn’t nearly as strong as it was this time last year…hopefully at least the bike will be faster!  (last year’s TriGreen recap)

My Garmin has also been having battery issues so after calling support twice last Friday, they sent me a refurbished Garmin on Monday and it arrived Tuesday!  I used it for all of my workouts this week and so far it seemed to work ok!  I never realized how much I relied on using it!  Such a great tool as far as heart rate, pace…and in the pool…don’t even get me started.  I have issues with counting laps and without it, I would probably do 2x the planned distance because I would be unsure of what number lap I was on and would err on the conservative side and do more.  So happy it arrived!!

Off to a meeting!

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