16 Weeks to go…Weekly Recap

Well, this week went by fast!  I went to bed early Monday night in preparation of an early wake up call to hit the pool, however when I woke up Tuesday morning, a scratchy throat and pounding head welcomed me 😦  I decided to go back to bed hoping that more sleep would help improve things.  When I finally got up and got ready for work, I hoped that as the day went on I would feel better, but I was wrong, I felt worse.  I headed home at 10a and managed to sleep until 5p.  When I woke up I did feel somewhat better, so I decided to do my 5 mile run.

Wednesday I woke up once again with a scratchy throat and runny nose so I once again vetoed the pool.  After work I felt better so I headed to a nearby park to do my brick workout (1:30 ride, 2 mi run).  The ride and run both felt great, however I didn’t get home until 8p which led to a very late night, heading to bed at 11p.  Thursday morning the sore throat had returned so I skipped the pool again but was feeling much better by the afternoon and decided to do my hour speedwork run.  I managed 6.6 miles in an hour, which was the fastest run I’ve done in a while!  When I went to bed I noticed my voice sounded like it was going away (yes, I talk randomly to Patrick when I’m alone :)) and when I woke up Friday I felt AWFUL.  I had no voice, head congestion and my throat was on fire.  Ugh.  I called in sick to work and slept most of the day.  I did manage a short trainer ride in the evening, but other than that I layed low all day.

(If you haven’t noticed a theme….I will do almost any workout over going to the pool… I really need to get some pool time in next week.)

Saturday when I woke up my throat felt much better, I still had lots of congestion in my head, but other than that, it looked like I was on the mend.  I decided to sleep in rather than push myself to make sure I was giving my body another day to rest so that I would be 100% on Sunday.  It really felt weird (actually wrong) to still be in bed on a Saturday at 8a.  I wonder how I’ll feel after IMAZ and not working out almost every day!

However, today I woke up feeling less than stellar, my congestion in my head had moved to my chest/lungs.  Argh!  After much debate and consulting a few other triathlete friends, I decided to just take the planned 4 hour ride easy and just see how things went.  The first 15 miles I didn’t feel great, but then after that I started to feel better.  Hmm… the new plan was to just do 2 hours (one hour out and then turn around), but maybe I could do 3…or the planned 4 hours?  On I went and I still felt pretty good.   Before I knew it I was at the turnaround and headed back.  The last 15 miles though I was pretty tired, my legs were ready to be done and so was my rump!  Hooray, 60 miles done solo, boy was I ready to talk to anyone by the time I was done.  Four hours on my bike was a looong time (too much time!) of me time 🙂

Depending on how I feel tomorrow morning, I hope to do the long run I missed today due to moving things around with having Saturday off.  Fingers crossed I wake up feeling good!!

Off to bed!

Total Training hours this week: 8:37

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