Greetings from my couch

…where I have spent most of my weekend, there or in bed.  Wednesday night my throat felt kind of scratchy and by Thursday morning it was more than just a scratchy throat.  I had a lot of things to get done at work on Thursday so I sucked it up, drank a lot of orange juice and washed my hands a lot.  Finally by 4p, I couldn’t take it anymore and headed home.

While waiting at the stop-light at the exit ramp to get to my condo, the person behind me must have slipped on the rain/slush that was forming on the ground and rear-ended me.  At first he thought there wasn’t any damage, but I wanted to exchange information just in case.  After I checked the bumper a second time, and rubbed the salty water/dirt from the snow we had (I don’t wash my car a ton during the winter) and noticed there were two dents from his license plate screws.  After getting information, I pulled into the nearby grocery store parking lot and filed a claim.  I felt bad, because it was a really small scratch, but at the same time, it was a scratch!  After I made an appointment to have the damage appraised, I went back out and looked at it again, and sure enough it had also chipped the paint on both ‘circles’, which made me feel a little better about filing a claim.

Once I got home, I immediately changed into comfy clothes and plopped on the couch for a couple of hours and went to bed around 8p. I woke up the next day feeling like a bus hit me (and sounded like a man), called in sick to PT (bummer) and work and headed back to bed.   JMR came around noon to drop off some chicken noodle soup and after eating most of it, I headed back to back and slept the rest of the day.

Saturday I woke up around 9:30 because Patrick had a haircut appointment that he could not miss, the little guy was a furry furry beast and his eyebrows were out of control.  After dropping him off, I went back to bed and woke up several hours later to pick him up.

Patrick haircut

Looking spiffy with his new red bandana

I watched a short movie and was once again in bed by 9p.  Such a wild weekend!

Today I managed to drag myself to the store so I had some food for the week other than just frozen vegetables, cleaned up the kitchen and put together a load of darks that I need to eventually wash.  Other than that, I am once again, couch bound, with kleenex and gatorade at my side at all times.  Ugh.  I hope I wake up better tomorrow!!

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