A Coffee Kind of Day

I don’t know about other people that work out in the morning, but after my workout, I feel energized for a bit, and then want to go back to sleep. It’s only 9a and I’m dragging at work today…more on that in a bit.

Last night after my appointment, I did some cleaning (much-needed vacuuming) around my condo and then plopped on my trainer for my first ‘technique’ focused ride of the season.  After a 15 minute warm-up, I did 21 minutes of alternating pedaling: 1:00 with my left leg, 1:00 with both, and 1:00 of my right leg.  The purpose is to help you smooth out your pedal stroke and find your weak spots.  At the beginning my strokes were horrible and not smooth at all, but by the end (21 minutes was a long time!) I had gotten the hang of it and could really notice during my cool down that I was pedaling more evenly and stronger.

This morning I got up at 5a and headed to the gym to do a walk/run combination of 4 miles.  I warmed up with .25 and then set out to do at least 3, and ended up doing 3.5 with just a .25 cool down.  My hips felt great the whole time, but my left ankle was starting to bother me, I must have done something while doing the drills last night.  Hopefully it’s just sore from not used to doing that drill and just goes away, and I guess next time I do that drill I will pay more attention to what I’m doing with my left foot.  Regardless, it was still a great run, and afterwards I headed to PT.  After an hour and a half of PT, I ran home, showered and drove to work.  Which is where I am now, falling asleep at my desk!  A coffee run right now is a must, it’s going to be a long day!  I hope my body adjusts to working out early and this ‘sleepy’ thing will go away!

Coffee and then work!


Sidenote…is it a bad thing when the barista knows your order and has it ready before you even get up to the counter to place your order?  I think I need to start cutting back… 😉

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1 Response to A Coffee Kind of Day

  1. julie miller says:

    I’m exhausted after reading this. Good work.

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