Greetings from my couch – Part II

…well, so much for waking up refreshed and healthy on Monday after all of the nothingness I did all weekend in hopes that it would get me well.  I tried to rally and got ready for my ortho appointment at 8:30 and planned to head to work after the appointment.  As soon as I got on the highway I knew it was a bad idea.  I was glad I brought my box of kleenex with me for the trip because I ended up using half of it on the way (or it seemed like that much).  I figured since my ortho was also a family medicine dr, he wouldn’t be too freaked out by my appearance since he probably sees sick people all of the time too.

The appointment went well (much improvement and I don’t need to see him again), but my state of being was anything but well.  He said he couldn’t prescribe anything since he wasn’t in his family medicine clinic, but recommended Mucinex D, lots of water and rest.  I had been taking Dayquil, which apparently didn’t do much, so I’ll stick with Mucinex D in the future.  However, because I was feeling so awful, I also made an appointment with my PCP’s Nurse Practitioner that day.  When I saw her, she also suggested Mucinex D to help with the congestion, and in case it was an infection, she also prescribed antibiotics before things got any worse.

The Mucinex D seemed to help after a couple of hours, but I still wasn’t feeling great.  JMR came over after work and brought me dinner.  He took his FINAL architecture certification test that morning, so he was pretty tired -bonus points for him coming over being tired and KNOWING I was pretty sick (I really hope he doesn’t get sick).  It was nice to have his company, but I probably wasn’t the best company because I was in bed by 8p.  Today I woke up still not feeling great, but better than yesterday.  Hopefully after another 24 hours on the Mucinex D, plus the antibiotics I will be feeling like a new person.  Meanwhile, this has been my current set-up in front of my couch for the past five days: some form of liquid, Aquaphor for my nose and cracked lips and of course, a big box of Kleenex (imagine tissues everywhere as well, but I figured I’d spare you that gross image and threw them away before taking the picture):

Minus all of the gross used tissues

Minus all of the gross used tissues.  Yes, the bike on my trainer is becoming a permanent fixture in my main room.

My parents just got back in town from a trip, so my mom is coming over soon to bring me food and my antibiotics (there was a mix-up with the prescription getting the pharmacy, so I wasn’t able to get it filled until today).  Sometimes I miss living at home, being sick while living on your own is no fun!!

That’s about the only update I have, nothing training-related, although I’m hoping to be back in the game tomorrow before I lose all fitness (of what little) I have gained.  I also emailed my coach to get her opinion, based on having missed a lot of training and being so close to my first race (Triple-T), if even completing it is a feasible task.  Ugh!  Hopefully if I can stick with my training going forward it can still be on my schedule!

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