Tuesday Crazy Weather

The weather here is downright crazy, it’s 66 degrees today, in JANUARY?!  It’s supposed to cool down starting this evening, but for now I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts, even though it’s grey and rainy out.

Because it was also nice out last night, I did my planned run outside, and it was perfect running weather!  Nothing like doing a run in shorts and short sleeves in the middle of January 🙂  I was able to do 3 whole miles without any walk breaks and without any pain!  On top of that, two of them were at a 9 min pace!  As great as it felt I won’t get carried away, and will stick with only running 3 miles for a while.

The next few nights are going to be busy, after work today I have an appointment with my headache specialist because of my recent increase of migraines.  On a more fun type of busy, tomorrow night I am going to a knife skills class (the kitchen type :)) which I cannot wait to go to and learn how to actually chop vegetables and other foods, and Thursday night I’m going to yoga with a friend followed by a drink to catch up.

So this week is busy, which means I *have* to get up and get my workouts done in the mornings.  Fortunately I have PT two of the mornings, so I will have to get up early anyways, what’s another hour earlier? (ha).

Off to a meeting!

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