Sleepy Monday Morning….

I would say that this weekend, I was either REALLY productive, or a complete couch potato.  Saturday was the productive day and Sunday was the complete opposite!

Saturday morning I woke up and ran some errands with JMR, grabbed lunch, and then headed over to ride my trainer with my training buddy, R.  After setting up my bike, the hour ride went by so quickly, what a difference it makes to ride with someone on the trainer!  Last Thursday I was ready to be done after 20 minutes.  Also, this time the seat was a bit less uncomfy and riding in aero also felt less awkward.  More time in the saddle, and hopefully in another week or so, it will actually feel good!  After the hour ride, we hopped off the bikes to go for a run.  I only had a mile planned on my schedule, but my hip felt good, and we were running at a relaxed pace, so I decided to keep going until I felt fatigued.  R had a 30 minute run planned, and I ended up sticking with him the whole way, a full 2.5 miles without walking breaks, hooray!

After a successful first brick of the 2013 training season, I headed home to shower and get ready to meet another friend for happy hour.  Boy did we have a lot to catch up on and ended up having drinks and chatting for four hours!  Afterwards I headed home to watch a movie, ‘The Five Year Engagement’ (it was pretty decent) and ended up falling asleep on the couch.  Couch sleep is the worst!

Sunday, other than updating a few things on my blog, taking Patrick out and going to the grocery store, I was pretty much on the couch most of the day!  That will probably be the last Sunday like that for a while, since training has really started to pick up and I’ll have workouts both days on the weekend.  Knowing that, I didn’t feel as guilty and also the weather was pretty gross too, so it was a perfect day to stay inside!

I did stay up too late last night watching the ‘Sex in the City 2’ movie (I’m not usually a big movie watcher, so I’m not sure what the deal was this weekend) and ended up going to bed around midnight – way past my bedtime for a ‘school’ night!  So as a result, I’m dragging today, and promising myself that I will be in bed early tonight after riding my trainer followed by a quick run.

Back to work!!

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