Just checking in….

(written last night, just posting now)

….since my last post was almost a week ago!  I’ve been busy but doing un-fun things, like physical therapy.  My hip is feeling slightly better, but is still achy and not how I thought it would feel after a month of PT.  On top of that, my PT told me that after my Ortho appointment on December 3rd, that if I got the green light to run, it would only be FIVE minutes at most for the first two weeks!  FIVE MINUTES!!  That’s 3.5 miles a week!  Good gawd, I am going to turn into mush.  He said aquajogging was ok, so perhaps I will turn to that so I don’t lose all of the running fitness I’ve gained over the years.

On the other hand, to be fair, I’ve had this injury on an off for the past four years, so to expect to feel 100% after one month of PT is a tad unrealistic.  It’s just that I’ve been so compliant, I thought that I would get rewarded a bit more for my good behavior.  Well, I guess not.

Other than PT, I also rode my trainer solo for the first time this week, and people weren’t joking when they said 1. It’s boring and 2. It’s tough!  Much tougher than riding outside, at least it feels that way.  I rode for 45 minutes and only went 10 miles according to my odometer.   Good grief!  I’m going to have to figure out how to make the time pass faster so I can ride more than ten miles!

So other than being disappointed with my recovery progress, I’ve also been freaking out about this weekend.  It’s finally here. This weekend I am flying to Arizona to volunteer at Ironman Arizona and the next day, signing up to race it in 2013.   It’s almost making me sick to my stomach and I haven’t even signed up yet!  I guess it’s because it’s really confirming the fact that most of next year will be spent training.  Early morning workouts, long training days on the weekends, sacrificing staying out late with friends and oh so many other things.  I’m ready for the challenge and excited to begin training, but I think part of me is enjoying being a ‘little lazy’ and the other part of me is freaking out because I’m signing up to complete 140.6 miles and my swimming and biking fitness have gone dramatically downhill and on top of that I can’t even run a step right now!  I realize I have over a year to train and work on nutrition/strength training, I just think that being on the injury list is making me have a bit more anxiety.  Worrying over things like, how much longer will it take until I can run 10 miles again?  I signed up for a ridiculous race in May that I won’t even mention yet because, well, you’ll understand why when I do post about it later.  But I need more than a couple of months to build up a good half-marathon base by then, so I better be healed soon!

So many unknowns running through my head.  So for now I really need to focus on what I can control and that is biking (mostly on the trainer now that it gets dark so early, whooo!) swimming, and sticking with my PT regimen.  After I get back from AZ, I’m going to figure out a ‘workout’ plan for the rest of November and December so that I will ride three times a week and swim at least twice a week (that’s a lot for me, since, well, I detest swimming).  Hopefully by following that plan, I won’t lose all of my fitness!

Off to bed!

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2 Responses to Just checking in….

  1. julie millee says:

    Am, you might need to think about doing a relay, and give up the running…after AZ next year.


  2. runhonrun says:

    Don’t despair 🙂 I was sidelined for 4 entire months with a hamstring injury and was only able to start running again in late September….it is totally true that you lose speed over distance–my pace is slower but I’m already up to 20 mile long runs…and am still able to move around the rest of the day!

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