Oh boy… I’ve really taken a much longer than planned hiatus from my blog.  Once I was diagnosed with bursitis in both hips and I stopped working out for the most part, I also started to slack with posting….  Even though it looks like I still won’t be running for another month (boo, hiss), I still have plenty to post about so I just need to get back into the habit.

Other than physical therapy, riding my trainer and loathing the elliptical, I have also started to make some changes to my diet.  At the end of October I started eating Paleo, which is basically cutting out all grains, legumes, certain starches, certain oils and dairy.  So basically NO processed food, which I am a horrible offender of, partially because I am not huge into cooking (cooking for one doesn’t sound like fun) and also because I usually choose what’s easiest to make (lean cuisine frozen meals).  However, over the past few years I’ve noticed that my stomach tends to get grumpy after meals more often than not and my migraines have also started to flare up more frequently.  After reading about this ‘lifestyle’ (I hate the word ‘diet’, I’m not dieting, I’m changing my approach towards food), it sounded like a good route to try and to see if it alleviated my occasional stomach issues, migraines and hopefully would give me more energy (although I blame my sluggishness to the colder weather and shorter days…).

I’ve had a hard time sticking 100% Paleo, as I’ve learned, if you don’t plan ahead of time it’s a pretty hard to eat that way.  Most meals need to be prepared and coming home at 7:30p after physical therapy, cooking is the last thing I want to do.  However, I did notice on the days I did slip up (mostly it involved eating bread), good lawd my stomach let me know alll about it, and it would take several days for it to go back to normal.

Overall I do feel more alert and awake, my stomach is really happy and even though I have had a migraine, the benefits seem to outweigh the cons, which for me is the time it takes to prepare foods.  Oh heck, I’ll be honest, the biggest con is that I don’t really know how to cook and never have!  So it’s been a learning curve, but I think it’s moving in a good direction.  This weekend I’m devoting most of Sunday to prepare either chilli (minus the beans) or stew to freeze for dinner the next week and also chopping up veggies for salads, etc and planning my meals.  It’s going to be a pain, but I think after time I’ll get the swing of things and it will become easier.

This morning I decided to try to stick with it 100% for two more weeks and see how things go.  Regardless, I do think that my body does feel better eating this way (breads/grains could be the culprit to my stomach issues), but the one food group I might not be able to do without is dairy.  I love my cheese!!

Off to get new tires on my car (I just love spending money on fun things like that!), fun!

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