IMAZ 2012: Trip Recap (Short Edition)

Short edition, as in, just a quick post to summarize the trip – I will post more tomorrow when I’m more lucid 🙂  Six hours of sleep over a span of three days has me exhausted!

Overall, I’m glad I went, and had a blast (absolute blast!!) volunteering.  Everyone I met was just as excited as I was about the race and was so happy to be there volunteering.  It was also a different experience witnessing the race from the sidelines/a volunteers perspective, and to also get a chance to see the lead men and women come blowing through on the bike!  Just wow.  The run aid station later that evening was also so much fun, I got lots of compliments on the pirate costume I wore (the aid station theme was ‘Pirates’), and seeing the 14-16 hour finishers come through the aid station was such an inspiration, everyone looked so focused and ready to finish.

I have so much more to elaborate on, and I did take some pictures as well 🙂  However to finish up my summary of the weekend, I registered this morning and will be there November 17, 2013 racing Ironman Arizona!!!!  I can’t wait to see how I feel tomorrow when it really sinks in and I have caught up on my sleep 😉

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