Ice packs don’t make everything all better…

Ohmy….lots of catching up to do….let’s start with last Friday (it’s too late to upload pictures, so perhaps tomorrow.  I know pictures always make posts more fun to read :))….

After the awful run on Thursday, resting on Friday seemed like a good idea.  I loaded up on ice packs to sit on/put on my hips during the day at work and felt like it was yet another proactive plan to getting myself ready for race day that Sunday.  After work that night I was struck by an even better plan.  Biofreeze!  I would get samples at the expo and slap them on my sore hamstring area and hips and things would be good.  Everything would be numb and …. the race would happen!

I woke up Saturday am on a mission to get as many Biofreeze packets as possible at the expo.  I went to the expo with a tri club friend who wanted to check out some shoes he was interested in that were on sale for an awesome deal compared to retail.  We managed to wander around the expo for over an hour and get some good info/samples (and lots of Biofreeze ones for me, score!).

When I got home I made a quick lunch and then dropped by my sister’s house to catch up and also drop off the Halloween bib I bought for baby C for, well, Halloween.  My favorite holiday!  After seeing the little one (boy is she cute!), I ran some errands and then JMR and I set out for dinner.  It was quite the dinner adventure, I’ve never cancelled an order and walked out of a restaurant before, but our first choice ended up being a horrible choice.  Terrible, terrible waitress.  (I sound like a restaurant snob, I promise you I’m not. You would have done the same, I promise!) We ended up grabbing dinner at one of the usual (and reliable) places that we go to and got home around 10p where I promptly crashed into bed.

I woke up at 5a for my usual race routine, and finally at 5:45a we were off and heading downtown.  I had a pit in my stomach, but I always do for any race (it’s silly, I know), and figured it would go away once we were parked and settled.  Getting down to this race could result in looong lines to get off the highway and park, so I was most anxious about parking.  However, we were parked and ready a little after 6a.

Wow.  That was it.  We were parked and ready to get going.  And then it hit me, I realized I was downtown, getting ready to start the race…..and no amount of Biofreeze was going to help me.  As I sat there in the car, my hips and hamstrings had a dull ache, and I wasn’t even moving!  I remembered the awful run last Thursday and the entire painful 6.2 miles during the race last weekend…and then I realized that showing up was a mistake and I was delusional for even thinking I could have pulled this off.  My body was tired, I rocked the season I had planned, and if anything, this was my D race.  Not worth worsening an injury.  I looked over at JMR and told him we had to go back home, that this race wasn’t happening for me, and if it did, it would result in a loooong walk back to the finish from whatever mileage I dropped, because the whole thing was going to hurt.  Not worth it.  I felt really awful for the ridiculously early am wakeup call just to trudge back home, but this was going to be a really stupid idea.  So we headed back home.

Toughest decision I’ve made in a while and really doubted myself after.  It felt like Chicago 2010 where I did the same thing… had the same hip issue, had paid for race entry/plane tickets/hotel room, and figured that I didn’t have much to lose to show up.  However on race day, I knew I didn’t have it in me to run a marathon with my hips in so much pain.  Ok, a marathon is not exactly a half, so not really a true comparison, but it felt just as hard walking away from this race as it did in Chicago.  I felt like I missed out on a party.

So that was that.  I went back to bed (it was only 6:45a by the time we got back) and then later went to get mexican for lunch.  I felt like a sloth skipping the race, so why not Mexican food too?  I was good and just had water though, no Margaritas to add to the sloth-fest.

That night I felt frustrated, irritated and upset.  I needed some routine/rules in my life again! The past few weeks I had been mostly couch bound and eating whatever items looked healthy (well, mostly) and good and giving myself breaks from working out because of my hips.  Enough was enough.  I had my ortho appt the next morning and then I would know what the issue was and also be on the path to treatment.  So I should do the same with my eating habits, be on the way to a cleaner/healthier path.  I won’t elaborate on my changes just yet, but will soon!

So on to the appt, just as I thought, my stupid IT band is really tight and grumpy.  What I didn’t realize was that it was causing bursitis in both hips.  On top of that I had some really grumpy hamstrings, but the dr said those should recover much faster than the bursitis.  So the end result is six weeks of no running and instead, physical therapy 1-3 x a week for at least six weeks.  Oy.

After the ‘no running’ confirmation by my dr, after work yesterday I went to the gym and tried the elliptical (which he recommended as an alternative workout) and it sucked.  I still just don’t understand that machine.  I find it so boring, I guess, because I don’t understand what levels/resistance make it a hard or challenging workout?  Regardless, I only stuck with it for a little over 10 minutes and finally ended up on the stationary bike.  I liked that better, well, because it was my thing.  I could bike.  Elliptical?  Foreign to me.  I do plan to master that darn machine!  I know it can give me a good workout!  Anyways, I did lots of seated sprints and definitely worked up a sweat, however with my sore hamstrings, where my rump sat on the hard seat, it actually hurt 😦  No more of that for a while either.

So that brings me to tonight, where I hopped in the pool as a last-ditch resort of exercise.  I swam 1600 at a snail’s pace (really, wow, one month out of the pool really made a difference), but I got it done.  My mini-goal for the next couple of weeks is just 30 minutes of exercise each day.  I know it’s not a ton, but I’ve had so much trouble getting back into the swing of things, and also adding that I can’t run, well, it’s just a reason/motivation to get me to the gym to do something.

So now I’m off to bed – early morning tomorrow at work because I have to leave early for my first PT appointment.  Kind of excited!!  This hip pain is annoying and I’m ready to tell it who is boss!

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