Ice packs make every better, right?

Monday, schmonday.  Today was pretty uneventful at work, just the usual meetings and other things going on, which was a relief because I wasn’t in the mood for a crazy kind of day.  The weekend (as always) seemed too short and I needed to ease into the week.

I went to Panera for lunch and got my usual tuna sandwich, and I must say, I think they’ve been reading my blog.  The past few times I’ve ordered it, the sandwich wasn’t messily wrapped at all and tuna wasn’t oozing out of the sides.  Granted, this means I’m probably getting less tuna salad, but it’s much less messy and doesn’t require a fork.  Hooray!  I can also tell I’m not in training mode because the potato chips I used to always order as a side sounded really unappealing.  I even tried to eat them last week and couldn’t stomach them.  Argh, I almost wish I were training 1-2 hours a day just so I craved potato chips again, they’re delicious, why don’t my taste buds remember that?

When I got home from work I let the little guy out and promptly plopped on my couch to ice my right hamstring.  The left one was doing much better than yesterday but the right one had been whining at me all day.  I’ve already done one round of icing for 20 minutes and it feels a tad better, so hopefully after 3 more rounds of icing this evening, sleeping on an ice pack tonight, and bringing one to work to sit on, it will speed up the recovery.

The ice pack that is going to nurse my hamstring back to health (leftover from PT several years ago)

My roommate at work is coming to the race to cheer me, another coworker and a former consultant on, so now I really want to be part of the race.  I could just go and cheer, but after planning on running it, mentally it’s a touch switch of places to be on race day.  I’ll just have to see how things go this week, and if they don’t improve, I’m going to Michaels on Saturday to make some bad ass signs for my friends that will be racing.  I’m thinking lots of glitter….

Off to go grab my ice pack out of the freezer for round #2 of icing of the evening.  I may or may not be grabbing some frozen yogurt as well…. 🙂

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