All or nothing..?

Ugh.  This post hurts my soul to write because sadly, it is day two-in-a-row of not working out.  It seems to be that either I’m working out hard, or not at all.  At least that’s how it was prior to the workout intensity increasing in July.  I do have an excuse, but not one I’m a fan of.  Yesterday I was totally out of commission with a massive migraine and the after-effects and today, I was lucky enough to get one around 10a at work, so most of the day I felt like a zombie.  Which meant that by the time I got home from work, I was out of commission.  Activities that involve balance are off-limits with my stupid migraines and even though you would think running doesn’t involve much, I’d surprise you 🙂  Anyways, I have a Dr. appt and physical (figured I should get one anyways if I think I can even entertain the idea of a full-ironman in the future), just to make sure everything (read: Iron levels) are up to par.

So that’s that.  The planned itinerary for tomorrow is to finally hit the pool, then after work take my bike to Big Shark (where I bought it) to check that the seat hasn’t dropped…I’ll get into that in a bit), and then hopefully a short run.  The ride last weekend felt great except after mile 54 my knees got kind of grumpy.  I thought it was a temporary thing since I lopped 16 miles on my longest ride, but on Tuesday after (and during) my little 12 mile ride, they *still* hurt.  So something’s up, biking is supposed to be good and painless for your knees, or so I’m told, so I have the lug her back to get my fit diagnosed.  I’m really hoping they can just take a quick peek and I don’t have to get refitted.  I’m really not in the mood to drop $150 for a new fitting when I already did it a year ago.  Grr.

I don’t have any fun and new pictures from the past few days events, but I did spot a race picture from the Olympic tri I did a couple of weekends ago and I’m just going to say that I’m definitely not at my race weight, and some work is in order (I don’t have a set ‘race weight’, but I’m guessing when your gut folds over on the bike, eh, that isn’t your race weight).  This blog is definitely not about weightloss, but I am adding that part to make myself more accountable to eating more green and less… crap.  Darn those Panera potato chips…the crunchiness and salt are just so delicious….and I’ve never been a potato chip person until the past six months. I blame it on Triathlon training and my love for unlimited salt.  Regardless, even if the calorie count looks to be not super crazy for a particular food (hey, potato chips are only 150 calories a single serving bag!), I’m going to make a point in the next four and a half weeks to really eat healthy.  And that means you too, beer and wine … we might have to reunite after the race.

Well, it’s not late, still early, but I’m old…or still dealing with the after effects from my migraine today so I’m heading to bed.  I promise to fill you in tomorrow on all of the swimming, biking and running related things I said I would do in this post!!

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