Tired Tuesday

Today I woke up tired.  I hate that.  I guess I do need to eventually buy new pillows because the ones I have stink (not literally) and depending on how well I squish them up under my head while sleeping it really dictates my sleep.  I managed to do my usual morning routine: let the little guy out, iron my clothes, shower, dry hair, get dressed and pack my snacks (1/2 cup of fiber one to mix in my Chobani and 1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek Mix).  Then it was off to start the work day.

Work was fairly uneventful (phew), and during lunch I placed my ‘order’ to rent at wetsuit at a local tri shop.  This tri shop has open water swims in the spring which I have done the past two years where you can try their wetsuits for $10 a swim, so I’m pretty comfortable in a wetsuit.   So if I like the one I’m swimming in during the half iron in September, I will buy it because I will definitely need one if I do IMAZ and even then, if I rent a wetsuit more than a few times it would financially be worth it to just buy one.   They also have a great deal that if you rent and decide to buy, they take $50 off the retail price.

Oh which reminds me, I booked my flight and hotel for volunteering at IMAZ in November.  My dad rocks and let me use some of his southwest points to book the flight so it was ‘free’, which was even better than I thought because the hotel wasn’t cheap due to the fact that there weren’t many hotels near the start/finish available, and the ones that were, were rather pricey.  Glad that is settled, so if the half goes well, I will totally be in the line at 5a the day after volunteering at IMAZ to sign up for 2013 🙂

Workout-wise, today I ran 2, rode 12 and ran 1 after as a cooldown.  The plan was to run 4 total but I didn’t do a great job fueling during the day and was starving by mile 6 of the ride.  Also, during the whole ride, I kind of felt like I was in a haze.  Perhaps I need to start taking my Iron pills again?  I have issues with anemia, but I’ve been good about eating red meat lately (I know there are other ways to get iron, but that’s usually the best way for me), so I’m not sure what’s the culprit.  Perhaps an earlier bedtime.  Regardless, it was a ridiculous workout and I felt like not much was accomplished.  Grr.

On a new note, I have to get up early tomorrow because I’m joining a new gym!  My Y decided to close their pool for three, yes, THREE, weeks.  Should I be concerned that it takes that long to clean it, and yet I’ve been swimming in it?  Yes, we can use other Y locations during this time, but most are also closed for pool cleaning as well. W.T.F.  Fortunately I live by another gym that has a pool and is pretty darn inexpensive for membership (half what I’m paying for at the Y), so I’m going to join for a month.  Stupid and annoying, but I still need to get in my swims and I’m not sure of another option.  I wish my bathtub was larger.

So, that will be exciting!  Nothing like waking up at 5:30a to apply for a new gym membership!  🙂  Now I’m off to bed!

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