Back on track!

So this morning I woke up at 5a (which wasn’t totally awful, because I went to bed at 8:30p the night before, yes, you read that correctly), but I still layed in bed for a good ten minutes thinking of fifty different reasons as to why I shouldn’t get up and head to the new gym so I could swim.  I finally thought of one good reason and threw on my suit, grabbed my swim bag and headed over to the Heights.  Man, it’s staying darker longer in the mornings!  I got there at 5:30a, it was pitch black out, and the center actually was so dark looking in the inside that I almost thought they weren’t open.  Fortunately they were and I was able to get my forms (I didn’t realize I needed a voided check) and head to the pool.  Thank goodness they let me swim today and sign up tomorrow when I bring my voided check.

On to the pool.  It was weird.  The ‘aquatic center’ was a hodgepodge of all different ‘aquatic’ things.  First, the lighting was really dim in the area, but I’m not sure if that’s because only the lap lanes were open.  Regardless, with the floor to ceiling glass window facing the parking lot and it being pitch black out, it was creepy.  It looked like there was a lazy river type area, several slides and another circular type wading pool.  The ‘lap lane’ pool consisted of three lanes, and they each were staggered, so the cement (or whatever material that is used) for the middle lane started 24 inches from the far left lane and the far right lane started 24 inches from the middle lane.  Like tetris or something.  Odd.  Perhaps I’ll get a picture tomorrow.  Just trust me.  It was strange.  Fortunately next week the Heights is closing their pool for a week for cleaning and I get to use the Center of Clayton’s pool, hooray!  The have a whole, regular, rectangular pool with FIVE lanes (this is the norm, right? not a weird three staggered lane setup), so I can’t wait.  The Y shares its one pool with classes so it will be nice to always have the five lanes available.

After work I headed home to get Peaches ready to head to Big Shark so that they could take a look and see if the seat looked like it had dropped.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to charge me for a fitting so I had my fingers crossed while walking in that hopefully they could tell without too much work.  Here’s a picture of Peaches getting prepped for the seat adjustment:

It turns out that my seat was really low, it probably did fall a bit over the year, but I bet when I had other work done, the seat just didn’t get put back to the exact spot.  Big Shark was awesome and adjusted the seat for me free of charge and I was on my way!  I am a bit nervous about my ride tomorrow because I’m worried I will topple over before even starting to pedal because I won’t be able to reach the ground even on my tippy toes while on the seat.  Fingers crossed.

When I got home I went for a quick 5.5 mile run which seemed to take way more effort than necessary.  I’m not sure if it was the heat (but it had cooled down considerably by the time I started at 6:15p) or that my legs were just angry because they had been hanging out on the couch the past two nights.  Whatever it was, I hope they wake up nice and refreshed and ready for their ride tomorrow am!!  Off to finish dinner, rehydrate, and head to bed for a 6a wake up call!

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