Bilateral Thursdays

This morning I woke up and after hitting snooze once, made it to the Y to get my 1900 yard swim in.  I was planning on trying out  my new waterproof ipod, but I was already running late (due to snoozing) and knew it would take me awhile to fuss with it and it would probably make my swim take too long and would be late for work.  While swimming I tried to breathe bilaterally (both sides) because for the entire swim for Redman in September  the buoys are on the left side…. so I’m really going to have to at least breathe bilaterally, if not mostly on the left side during the race.  It was pretty awkward, but by the end I got into a rhythm.  Hopefully with more practice it will feel more natural.

I was still a little late for work, but not terribly.  During lunch I ran to the vet to get allergy medicine for Patrick.  I’m a bad mom and let it run out a couple of months ago, but his allergies weren’t bad at all, so I didn’t worry about it.  But now, the little guy has been rolling around constantly in the carpet and scratching his eyebrows and face 😦  Time to start his medicine again!  I also stopped at the Daily Bread, a bistro type place near Patrick’s vet, to get a turkey sandwich.  I used to go there a lot during highschool but have only been a handful of times since.  Man, was that a mistake, it was packed!  My sandwich was just so-so also, so I won’t go out of my way again to eat there.

Around 4p, dark ugly clouds rolled in, which wasn’t a good sign for the ride I had planned after work.  By 4:30 it was dark, windy and it had started to pour….and thunder…and lightning.  Which meant my ride was out due to the slick streets and debris that might have washed up as well (which means I’ll be more likely to get a flat).  On to plan B!  When I got home, I put on my bike shorts, grabbed a water bottle and headed to the Y.  I hopped on one of the stationary bikes and started pounding out my interval ride.  Usually I don’t worry about ‘workouts’ on the bike, as I’m riding on the streets and it isn’t convenient to do intervals, but I figured ‘why not?’ since I was on the stationary bike.  An hour and ten minutes later my 20 mile ride was done!  It wasn’t awful, but I don’t think I could have gone for much longer though.  Next up was my four mile run, and after stopping home to change into running shorts, off I went.  It was a pretty uneventful run, but my legs were feeling pretty good which I was pumped about.  I will say, if I get more invested in triathlons, I definitely want to invest in a trainer so I can ride indoors in the privacy of my own living room and with my own tv right in front of me 🙂

After the run I showered, walked the little guy, and promptly plopped down on the couch to drink my protein shake, eat some eggs and veggies and whatever else I had that seemed semi-healthy.

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday will also be busy days training-wise, but I’m in the home stretch!!  Next week is a step-back week, then two more build up weeks, and then… taper!  Wow… so freaking close.  It actually makes me want to train harder knowing it’s so close, because I’m getting more and more nervous about finishing, and don’t want it to be by crawling across the finish line!

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