The week is already halfway over?

As I sat down to write my post, I didn’t realize my last one was on Sunday… how the heck is the week already more than half over?  It usually never seems to fly, but this week really did.

Monday I gave myself the day off because of the race the day before, and my legs were still pretty stiff/sore.  After work JMR and I went to dinner with my Grandma in her new retirement community she moved into last November.  I know, November was practically a year ago, but people are still moving in and it just still seems new to me.  Before she moved there, she was still living in the house that my dad and his siblings gew up in.  After chit-chatting with her for a bit on her porch, we headed home and on the way made a quick detour to a Mexican restaurant for a skinny Margarita that I had been craving all weekend (well, JMR just ordered a regular one).

The next day at work was pretty busy and I had to help lead training that evening from 5-8p, so I knew a swim was out, unless I wanted to get done with my workout at 9:30 at night (swimming itself doesn’t talk long, but getting everything ready/changing into suit, and then showering with the special shampoo and soap so I don’t smell like a pool afterwards takes time too).  Fortunately we finished the class a little before 7, but I already had a run on the brain, so I set out for a nice 6 mile run at little under a 9 minute pace.   After the run I hopped on my computer to see if the official race results from Sunday were posted, and they were.  There were actually 26 people that did the Olympic, not 22 that was posted on the paper results the day of, so I felt a little better about coming in 16th overall.  But what I didn’t realize was that I came in 3rd female, and 2nd in my age group.  To top it off, I was 39 seconds behind winning my age group, argh!!  I saw the girl with the 32 on her calf (they write your age on your calf) pass me on the bike, but I figured there were other people in our age group ahead of me.  I also kept telling myself that this wasn’t the race I was training for; it was just practice, and I didn’t want to overdo it and push myself too much so that my workouts were crappy for the next week (which was another big mileage week).  She was not very far in front of me during the whole run, but I stuck with my ‘don’t overdo it, the goal was to just finish’ mantra.  I finished in 2:37:xx, which I was pumped about for my first Olympic, but now I’m miffed I didn’t pick it up at the end!  Oh well, live and learn.

Today work was anothe busy day, followed by training from 5-8, which also got out early, so when I got home, I went for a quick 5 mile run before heading to the store to stock up on more food (I feel like all I do these days is work, eat, workout, eat, sleep….).  I have my long swim of the week planning tomorrow am and a brick (bike/run) planned after work, so I’m heading to bed soon.  I just hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow evening….running in the rain is ok, but riding, eh, not so much.

Oh, and work ordered everyone dinner who was in training tonight but I wasn’t hungry when I placed my order, so I just ordered fruit.  I didn’t have time to eat because I was helping the person who was leading the training, so I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow as a snack (just the fruit and yogurt, the roll was kind of stale)!

Fruit Salad and Yogurt

Ok, I’m not that ridiculously healthy all the time….. it also came with a brownie (it looks a little less fluffy than it did a couple of hours ago, I think it’s just because it’s been in the fridge).  I may or may not eat it after finishing this post…

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