The weekend is finally here…

Actually, it is already here and I’m getting ready to head to bed, but just wanted to post the fun events of the day before I got some much-needed slumber.

This morning I got up early (hooray) and ran six miles, and then headed to work just in time for a meeting.  It was one of my coworker’s birthday’s today, so another coworker who is an awesome baker and chef, made cupcakes for the department.  They were freaking awesome.

Later I met JMR at my house for lunch (it’s in between where we both work and easier and faster for one of us to pick up something and eat there than to go to a sit-down place), and he brought crazy bowls per my craving-of-the-day, but sadly I had a lapse in my memory and told him the wrong order.  It was the veggie wrap with feta that I wanted, not the mediterranean wrap.  There is feta, spinach…veggies… in the one I usually order, I’m not sure why I thought it was all ‘mediterranean’, but I did, and it was not as good and mucho more calorie laden than my usual.  I know I’m burning some serious calories with my training, but wraps also have some serious calories packed in them, and I still want to be able to eat dinner and have my pants fit tomorrow!  Last time I mix that up!

By 2p I was super sleepy and annoyed that there were still three more hours before I could head home and (hooray..or not), swim 2400 yards.  I toughed it out, got some more work done, and headed home determined to get my long swim done.  I was so determined, that I turned down drinks with a former coworker that I desperately need to catch up with who was meeting up with another former coworker for happy hour.  Bummer.  Only a few more weeks though of this, and then I can go to happy hours and be as social of a butterfly as I want.  But happy hour isn’t going to get me across the finish line when there’s a much-needed workout waiting to be completed.  I will say, it does help that JMR is busy studying for his tests and can’t hang out much during the weekends and pretty much at all during the week, or I would be no-show for the race in September.

I finally made it to the Y after messing around with my waterproof shuffle and adding a few new songs to it.  It didn’t come with instructions so I wasn’t sure what the button next to the power button did, and after playing around with it, I still had no clue and no time to google it.  When I got to the Y, while in the locker room, I stuffed the cords in my swim cap and clipped it onto the back on my cap and I was off and ready to swim!  For once I followed the workouts in my training schedule and the swim actually went by quickly.  I would like to say it was because of the headphones, but once I was underwater I couldn’t hear squat.  Just the beat of the techno music I had loaded onto it…unce…unce…unce… lame.  I think I need to wear the smaller sized headphone ear buds so that they fit better in my ears.  I’m sure they’ll work out, I just need to play around with them and get the right fit.  Regardless, every now and then when I was taking a breath of air (on the left side too..oh yeah…), I could hear the music which did help and distract me.  So thank you dad for buying those as a surprise, they are serving a purpose!

When I got home I fed and took the little guy on a walk and then headed to REI to peruse the aisles of nutrition to try to get a game plan for race day to test out tomorrow.  supposedly I need to consume 300 calories an hour while on the bike, and it’s more easily digested if it’s in liquid form (Gatorade, gels, etc).  That’s a lot of sugary goop.  I can’t imagine how my stomach will handle that… but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow on my 64 mile ride.  Prior to that, the longest was 50, and I stunk it up in the nutrition department (Only ate two gels, and I was shaky by the end), so this will be my debut.  After buying a packet of hammer powder and some honey stinger chews, I remembered that I had some Gatorade endurance left in the tub I bought last summer, and since that’s what they’re having on race day, that’s what I’m going to use along with the gels and honey stingers.  Crossing my fingers my stomach is excited about this nutrition plan!

So that’s about it, my very exciting, it’s-Friday-and-I-have-no-social-life, details of the day.  Off to bed because I have to be up in six hours to prep for my ride….I’ll give you a sneak peek (I hope this doesn’t come back and bite me in the ass….) there are like 50+ turns on the directions for the ride tomorrow.  I’m hoping it’s marked out, or at least fairly intuitive…otherwise, you might not hear from me until a couple of days after I get rescued from being lost due to lack of ability to ride and read four, yes FOUR, pages of directions for this route.  I’m trying to give the organizer the benefit of the doubt, but…oh my.


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