2018: Training Week 4

This is just a short update since the past week wasn’t too eventful.  My coach wasn’t kidding when he said at the beginning of January that he wanted me to get several weeks of consistent training completed before switching things up, so week 4 was pretty darn similar to the previous 3 weeks with a few variations in workouts.  However, what has changed is that my time/paces have improved over the course of the four weeks, so he is on to something!

Week 4: 1/22-1/28

Monday: 2225y swim in the am, and 1 hour of hot yoga after work

Tuesday: Speedwork in the am: 1 mi warmup, 2×800, 4×400, 8×200 all @ 5k pace w/ 1 min active RI, 1 mi cooldown

Wednesday: 2550y swim in the am followed by 70 min trainer ride after work

Thursday: 50 min run w/ 6×2 min @ 5k pace

Friday: 2650y in the am.  Main set: 2×15 min- I managed to get in 825 for each interval and that’s fast for me these days!

Saturday: Frostbite series 4mi race.  This went better than expected! I finished with a 7:53avg, which was 20 seconds faster per mile than the 5k I ran two weeks before, so hooray for speedwork and consistency paying off! 🙂

Sunday: 70 min trainer ride followed by 10min run on the treadmill

Total Training Hours: 9:03

Staying consistent by sticking with the theme of ‘no excuses’, so the goal for 2018 is going strong 🙂

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