2018: Training Week 3

Hooray, three weeks down of consistent training, and an early swim this morning to start week 4 off on the right foot!  Other than work and training, last week was pretty uneventful as I had a re-certification exam for work on Friday and pretty much spent all of my free time outside of work/training to STUDY.  Ugh. To help keep me awake and help me focus while studying, I have been relying heavily on coffee, thanks to the $50 worth of Starbuck’s gift cards I found buried in a drawer.  I haven’t had coffee (let alone caffeine) since April 2017, and boy did it help, however now I am craving it every morning!  So as a compromise I have been making my own with our Keurig and saving the rest of the Starbuck’s gift card for the next re-certification test I’m taking on 2/2.

Oh I did forget one fun detail from last week…. my car died Tuesday morning.  On the positive side, at least it died in our driveway.  After the tow truck hauled it away that morning (JMR tried to jump it with no luck) the shop called that afternoon with the bad news that it was the alternator that had crapped out, which also fried my battery.  On top of that, the pulley/belt which was causing some weird noises I noticed back in July was finally due to be repaired (I kept putting it off because the noise didn’t sound ‘that’ bad…), so it was a double whammy costing over 1k.  Ugh.  And I just spent a good chunk of $ on new rear brakes three weeks ago, I wish I was more savvy with fixing cars!

Ok, moving on to a more fun subject, week 3’s training!  I also have to apologize for no pictures in this post, I’m really slacking on my picture-taking these days.

Week 3: 1/15-1/21

Monday – 2250y swim in the am, and hot yoga after work

Tuesday – Speedwork: 1mi  warmup, 8×1 min @ 5k pace, 4×2 min @ 10k pace and 1 mi c/d. Note that I somehow misread the 4×2 pace and did that at 5k pace, which seemed odd to me at the time, and now I know why!

Wednesday – 2550y in the am, followed by 68 min trainer ride after work

Thursday – 5 miles with 3 @ tempo pace

Friday – 2275y in the am

Saturday – 6 miles with 4 @ HM pace, followed by a 2150y recovery swim (yes, you read that right… I swam FOUR times last week.  FOUR!!!)

Sunday – 70 min trainer ride, followed by a 10 min run

Total Training Hours: 9:00

Yeah! 9 hours right on the nose!  I did miss strength work this week (and have most weeks) as I’m having trouble fitting that in with everything else going on.  I might just do  core/a few upper body exercises and then my PT exercises for my hips and call it a day as right now I can’t seem to find an extra hour to head to the gym for a second workout most Tues/Thurs.

On that note, Happy Monday 🙂  Even though it’s rainy here this morning, it’s 50 degrees out, so I’m loving the non-tundra temps we are having!

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