Training Updates – IMWI Training Weeks 8 – 10

Well right now I’m on week 10, but I’ve been slacking on updates so I thought I would pop in to give an update, before a month goes by!

Week 8 was pretty bad… didn’t get in much of a workout during the week due to work being crazy and not having enough energy to force myself to work out late after work, however I did get in my 8 mile run on Saturday.

Week 9 was much much better….

Monday – Made up missed long trainer ride from Sunday

Tuesday  – The LAST power max challenge.  I will admit, I did slack on these in the middle of the month (especially week 8), I just got tired of riding every day and sometimes doing 3 work outs a day.  However, I did get the last one done in the am before work, and also did my speedwork at lunch.

Wednesday – Trainer ride at lunch and swam after work.

Thursday – 6 mile tempo run and core.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 10 mile run.  This was a struggle.  Not sure what the deal was (maybe only having a salad for dinner the night before didn’t help) but my legs felt dead by mile 5.  The remaining five miles were a struggle to get in, and I definitely didn’t hit the planned pace, but at that point I was just focusing on getting in the mileage rather than stressing about pace.  This coming weekend is the St. Patrick’s 5 mile race, but the following weekend I am determined to have a good long run because this one was downright miserable!

Sunday – Long-ish trainer ride with lots of hills!

Total Training Hours: 9:47


Week 10 hasn’t been great, but it’s also race week so it’s a light week.

Monday – So……this stupid rash that I had biopsied has come back after the round of (TWO WEEKS!) prednisone and I woke up with a swollen, red, itchy left eye and 100% decided to skip my swim.

Tuesday – My left eye was swollen shut when I woke up so I made a Dr. Appt as soon as the office opened and was able to see the NP at 10a (phew).  She didn’t think it was an infection and instead just a really bad allergic reaction (what am I allergic to, darnit!) and prescribed another TWO WEEK round of prednisone.  I am going to be so fat by the time this rash (if it ever) goes away.  The rash is also under my arms but it isn’t itchy or swollen, which I can deal with, but not when it comes to my face 😦  Since I had trouble seeing well out of my left eye, and overall just felt frustrated about the mystery rash, I bagged my speedwork session and watched a movie after work instead.

Wednesday – Easy 30 min trainer ride

Thursday – Easy 3 mile run

Friday – Rest Day

And the plans for this weekend…

Saturday – Race Day!  Saint Patrick’s 5 mile run 🙂

Sunday – Trainer ride

Ok that’s about it, Happy Friday!

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