Training Updates – IMWI Training Week 7

Happy Monday!  Back to the grind after a low-key weekend, which I’m always happy about…not a fan of jam-packed busy weekends, then I feel like I’m starting the week wiped out.  Other than the usual weekend long-ish workouts, cleaning and laundry (well, it seems like I’m always doing laundry these days with my training volume increasing) and going out to dinner Saturday night I didn’t do too much.  We are having a random semi-heat wave given how the temps are usually in February so I did try to spend a decent amount of time outside.  This week’s volume wasn’t as big as last week since I can’t swim (stitches came out today) and I also missed Wednesday and Thursday’s workouts due to hectic workdays.  That said it still was a good week!

Monday – Max Power Challenge

Tuesday – Speedwork, 12×400 (ouch!) at lunch followed by Max Power Challenge after work (cut the cooldown a tad short due to dinner plans for Valentine’s day)

Wednesday – Trainer ride + Max Power Challenge

Thursday – 6 miles with 4 @ 8:30

Friday – Max Power Challenge

Saturday – 6 miles with 4 @ 8:20 pace.  Nailed this one!  Wasn’t sure how it would go since I missed Thursday’s run and I’ve been struggling with hitting the usual 8:30 pace.  Either our treadmill isn’t calibrated correctly (faster than the pace it shows), or it’s just plain easier to run harder outside (especially in nice weather!).  My first mile was up a hill so I was really pushing (8:19), then some downhill (8:00), then some flat (8:07) and a little uphill and fatigue (8:13). Finished feeling strong though!  Once I got home I ate a honeystinger waffle and hopped on the trainer for the Max Power Challenge.

Sunday – Trainer Ride + Power Max Challenge followed by a 2 mile run.  I really have missed doing bricks!  The two miles (even though my legs were still a little sore from the run the day before) felt great and the weather was beautiful, so it was nice ot get outside after being on the trainer for almost 2 hours.

Total Training Hours: 7:57

Now that the stitches are out, I will be adding my swims back in, my dry skin won’t be a fan, but I do miss those workouts!

Happy Monday!

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