Training Updates: Nov 14 – Nov 20

Slowly but surely my training hours are going back up, but a strong emphasis on the word ‘slowly’, lol.  Knee is feeling good (ran on Tuesday with no pain!) and my swims are getting faster!  I have a Turkey Trot 5k on Thursday, but given the limited (aka nonexistent) running I’ve been doing since the Trail race, I think it will be more of a ‘fun run’ than a race. Ok, on to last weeks workouts:

Monday – 2050 y swim at lunch

Tuesday – Easy 3.25 run on the treadmill in the am

Wednesday – 48 min trainer ride

Thursday  –  30 min of strength training in the am, followed by a 70 min trainer ride after work

Friday – 1200y swim (overslept so I squeezed in what I could before I had to be at work, was suppposed to be a 1900y swim)

Saturday  – 2900y swim and then headed to Quincy, IL for my mother in law’s birthday

Sunday – Rest day

Total Training Hours: 4:52

I am working on my race calendar for 2017… the half I’ve done the past two years in Effingham, IL has been cancelled for good. 😦  The family that put it on has decided to not run it anymore so I am sad as I had it on my list for 2017 to go back for revenge!  Also it was a fun, well organized, small race so I am sure many others will miss it also. Well that’s about it, back to the Monday grind 🙂

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