Training Updates: Oct 31- Nov 13

So I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks….that trail run tumble really put my right knee through the ringer!  While my knee was healing I got in some swims (hey I was desperate to get some type of workout in) and a couple of easy trainer rides, but no running.  I did schedule an Ortho appt last Wednesday just to get it officially checked out.  The Dr. said that the pain was from bursitis (inflammation of the bursa sac under the knee) and that I could swim/bike/run as long as there wasn’t any pain.  He also told me to take 400mg of Aleve 2x a day for 7-10 days to help with the inflammation, and boy has that made a world of a difference!  I had been taking it when my knee pain would flare up, but not consistently so the inflammation never really went away.  That being said, tomorrow I am going to attempt to run and hopefully it feels ok!  Alright, on to the very sad low volume for the past two weeks of ‘training’:


Monday – 30 min of yoga

Tuesday – 2400y swim

Wednesday – easy 55 min trainer ride

Thursday – 1900y swim

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 2900y swim (woah!!)

Sunday – easy 50 min trainer ride

Total Hours: 4:32



Monday – Rest day. I watched a friend’s golden retriever over the weekend and she requires a lot more walks than Patrick (heck, he usually just runs around the yard) which caused my knee pain to flare up, so I finally scheduled an Ortho appointment to get my knee checked out and to make sure I’m not doing more damage by swimming/riding/lots of walking.

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Go the ok from the Ortho on Wednesday so I did a 46 min trainer ride with a bit more intensity than my previous rides.

Friday – 1900y swim

Saturday – 70 min trainer ride (yay! knee wasn’t achy at all!)

Sunday – 2900y swim

Total Hours: 3:18 (not even sure why I’m bothering tallying it up)

I hope I don’t jinx it, but this week will hopefully be more on track.  My coach only has me running once to ease back into running, but even with the limited running we are still slowly bringing the training volume back up (which means swimming 3x a week. sigh).  Along with getting into more of a routine with training, I’ve also slowly been getting into a healthier eating routine also.  In addition to eating better I have also been taking a supplement, Green Superfood, in the mornings and have noticed that I haven’t been as tired or hungry in the afternoons as I usually am.  I will say the taste is…acquired 🙂  It does come in other flavors, so maybe I’ll try a different one once I’ve finished this one.


Well that’s about it, getting ready to head to the pool at lunch, and then back to work!  Happy Monday 🙂

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