A little update

So…it’s been a while (a LONG while) since I last posted, but I haven’t had too many things to update anyways…no big races or big training goals, just the goal of not losing too much fitness, which sadly I have since Steelhead 😦  However, I am back to training and hopefully by 1/1, when IMWI training officially starts, I will be back on track!  I talked with my coach earlier this week and along with s/b/r training we are also incorporating weights and yoga, so I should be in shape, strong and injury free (right hip is acting grumpy these days) when training officially starts.  Note that this includes swimming 3x a week… I know…. it will be a miracle if this happens! (Sorry coach, I mean it will!)  We also talked about some IM time goals he thinks I can meet which has me more than excited and even more motivated to push hard all season long.  They are ambitious but if anything I think I could at least take some time off of my swim (panic attacks take up a lot of time), and also my bike if I work hard enough this winter.  He also thinks I can take some off of my run, but I guess time will tell with that (why do I get slower as the years go by. grr).  We are also looking at which races to add to my schedule and one of them might involve camping the night before the race!  Stay tuned 🙂

Other than trying to literally get my butt back into gear I have also been busy decorating for my favorite holiday, Halloween.  Last year we didn’t get any trick or treaters but I am confident (and probably bought too much candy) that we will get at least one this year.  Fingers crossed. I also carved two pumpkins this year (this is what I’ve been entertaining myself with while JMR watches the Cubs in the world series… I better not end up carving 7 pumpkins!)  Pretty proud of them since I haven’t carved a pumpkin since probably highschool (and proud I didn’t cut myself using kitchen knives which was tricky!)

My poor pumpkin on the right had some skin disorder going on, so it looked a little funky even after carving.  We will buy pumpkins earlier next year!

Also, my ‘Halloween Costume’ for a party this Saturday arrived earlier this week.  As the years go by my costumes have gone from not terribly appropriate to now suitable for a kids birthday party, lol.  Yes, I do plan to at least wear something blue, but I could not commit to the furry one piece costume that it could be purchased with.  So headpiece it was.


Cookie Monster FTW

Finally, I have a trail race run this weekend, which should be interesting because. 1. I’ve never done one before and 2. I don’t think snakes are hibernating yet.  I really hope I don’t see any snakes.  Also, I’m totally not in race shape, so this is going to just be a ‘fun run’ to get outside and get in some mileage.  I’ll check back in on Monday to report on how that went and also the fun dinner I have planned for Halloween! 🙂

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