Training Updates: June 13 – June 26

A quick update on training, nothing terribly exciting, the week after Effingham was extremely low volume, and the week that followed wasn’t anything impressive either.

June 13-19

Monday – Yoga (20 min video).  Happy Birthday to me.  I turned the big 3-4, which isn’t a big birthday, but I will say I’m sad to age up next year to the 35-39 age group (that’s a darn tough age group), so I will cherish all of my races this year. JMR and I went out to dinner that night to celebrate my birthday at my favorite Italian Restaurant, Sugo’s, their risotto is amazing. Look at the kick ass swimsuit JMR got me 🙂


Tuesday – Off, which was good because I slept in and JMR and I went to dinner my with parents to celebrate my birthday.

Wednesday – 2100 y swim. Overslept 😦

Thursday – Easy 3 mile run (boy did it feel awful, I guess walking a half-marathon can leave you just as sore, if not MORE than running one!)

Friday – Off

Saturday – I got up early and made up my missed 2100y swim from Wednesday.  Once I got home I ate breakfast and hopped on the trainer for a 2hr 30min trainer ride.

Sunday – Open water swim… oh boy.  I’ve swam at this lake once before and it wasn’t anything memorable. However once I arrived and saw that there was hardly anyone out there swimming (it looked like 10 people to me, it could have been more because they were so spread out, but it didn’t look like there were many people at all compared to the last time I swam), which isn’t a problem because I am not afraid of drowning.  However, it WAS a problem because that meant that there weren’t many people out there scaring away the lake creatures.  I already had visions of running into a big fish, or worse, a snake.  Oh lordy.  After hanging out on the shore for a bit I finally waded in, and found myself next to a guy who was heading out as well.  At that moment the plan was to stick with this guy.  Hopefully together we would create enough noise/movement in the water that would scare away the fish and snakes.

Halfway through out portion of the first loop he stopped and treaded water at a buoy and so I stopped with him.  I asked him if he was going to keep going and he said he wasn’t sure and asked if I was.  I said I would follow him.  So on we went, him taking the lead.  Once we hit the turnaround we both stopped again because the sun was right in our eyes.  We chatted for a bit, adjusting our goggles and on we went, every darn stroke I kept thinking of a snake coming by. A big black snake.  The plan was to do two loops but once I hit the shore, I was done.  DONE.  My imagination had gone completely rogue and all I could think about were the terrifying snakes in the water.

I grabbed my stuff and headed to the car to change into my running shoes and bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while who was also heading out for a run.  So I tagged along and we caught up on what we’ve been up to and overall had a very fun social run.  I usually train solo, especially running, so it was a nice change of pace 🙂  She is also planning on attending the next open swim in July so I’ve already planned to swim with her to ease my snake fears.

Total Training Hours: 4:43


June 20 – 26

Monday – Yoga (20 min yoga video)

Tuesday – Hill repeats (those were miserable!), with warmup and cooldown it ended up being around 6.8 miles, followed by 10 min of abs.

Wednesday – 2700y swim in the am, followed by an easy 1hr 18 min trainer ride after work.  Easy because when I woke up Wednesday morning, the outside of my left knee HURT.  I’ve never had IT band issues on my left side, let alone by my knee (usually it’s my hip that bothers me), so this was strange.  I remembered I had felt a slight pain in my lower back while swimming on Sunday and realize maybe this was all related to my SI Joint, as I’ve had weird symptoms in the past that led back to the SI Joint as the culprit.  So I scheduled an appt with my Chiro late that afternoon, and sure enough, my SI Joint had almost zero mobility.  He was pretty sure that was the culprit of my lower back pain/stiffness and my knee issues.  After a quick adjustment, I could already tell a difference.  I headed home and hopped on the trainer (he said riding the trainer was ok), and rode for 1hr 18 minutes, but took some parts a little easier (skipped one legged drills) to play it safe.  Fingers crossed that was the fix!

Thursday – Easy 3 mile run followed by 10 min of abs.  I was still a little nervous to run, and even though my left knee did feel better, I could still feel a slight twinge of tightness when I walked so I took the day off just to play it safe.

Friday – Off

Saturday – 3 hr ride (outside, yay!), followed by the 3 mile run I skipped on Thursday.  Other than the nasty heat, the run felt good, no knee issues, so hooray for that.

Sunday – 2300y swim.  So happy to be in the pool rather than the scary snake filled lake.

Total Training Hours: 8:09

That’s about it!  With Steelhead less than six weeks away, training is finally starting to ramp up 🙂

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