Random Weekly Updates

Two posts in one week, woah!  I figured that while training isn’t on full throttle (and probably won’t be until February), that I’d post short updates on training and also on other random life happenings, which could be boring, so this might be short lived.

Training-wise, I now finally have a strength training routine to do 1-2x a week (along with yoga 1x a week), which I’m excited about.  Maybe my abs which have been ignored in the past will finally become a six pack (ha, right), or at least stronger.  Aside from the usual biceps, triceps, shoulders and back routines with free weights and some of the leg machines, my trainer threw in some other circuit type routines which pretty much killed my core and glutes, well mostly core, but my glutes need some help too (the hyperlinked exercises were taken from pulseos.com):

As I (hopefully) get stronger, I plan to up the reps and also the times for the Side Step Squat.

One other exercise that still hurt after the third session was the Stability Ball V-Pass:



15 of those in a row, and I promise areas of abs you didn’t even know you had will be crying.  My last session was on Monday and today (Thursday) and they’re still slightly sore!

One last training update, I am LOVING this ridiculously warm weather for December.  This is the second time this week I have run outside in shorts!!  I’m sure eventually the typical winter weather temperatures will return (based on the forecast, not until next Wednesday, hooray), but until then, I’m going to enjoy every minute wearing running shorts and exposing my pale legs.

I mentioned in the last post that JMR and I finally bought a tree (in fact, right off the display shelf since it was the only one left that we liked), and I am happy to say that it’s finally decorated.  Granted, mostly with cheesy generic red, green and silver balls, but I think it still looks nice.  The final ornament I ordered for this year (memories from 2015) arrived, which does add a more personal touch to the tree:

No, I won’t get an ‘Our x Married Christmas’ every year, just this year 🙂

I also ordered one for our wedding:


My mom would always get an ornament for our family tree to remember our family trip each year, so I ordered this one after our Honeymoon in February:


The fact that Jimmy cannot swim and I choose a snorkeling excursion was not the greatest idea, so the ornament for that trip had to be a memory of that horrific day trip.  We look back at it now and laugh.

So, the Christmas decorating is finally finished!  I think this weekend I will start attempting some baking as gifts for family and friends. (Although, the gift part might not happen if they’re a complete non-tasty failure).

Well, those are the only updates I have for now! Happy Thursday…the weekend is almost here!




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