I’m Still Here!

I started writing a Chicago marathon race recap at the end of October but lost interest, and after that, I didn’t really have much to post about.  After the marathon I took time off from training and didn’t do much else other than eat what I wanted and be lazy.  Well, I took 2 spin classes, but other than that, nadda.  I also managed to gain 6 lbs from my IMWI weight (to be fair, I had gained 2lbs between IMWI and Chicago, so no, it wasn’t all 6 in one month).  Fun.  Even more fun is trying to work it back off!  That’s been a battle, but I’m slowly getting back to wearing non-stretchy pants.  The pizza and alllll the carbs were worth it though 🙂


I am addicted to Ruffles Potato Chips.

In November I started working with my coach again and got back on the training wagon. As much as I loved not having to worry about fitting in x workout after work or waking up early to hit the pool, I missed the structure, and honestly, I was starting to feel like a sloth.  I also have been working with a trainer to develop a strength training routine so I can stay off the injury bench and have a strong season in 2016 (and not have to spend so much $ on the chiropractor/sports massages!).  After my first session I was sore for a week.  A week!  What the heck!  Granted, it was on a Tuesday, and I did a 5k Turkey Trot that Thursday (and haven’t done much speedwork), so I’m sure that added to the soreness, but still, it made me feel like a wimp!  Fortunately the next two sessions I was only sore for a day or two.  Making progress 🙂 – more on that in an upcoming post.


Bosu Ball. One of the many contraptions that will become my new best strength training friend.

I haven’t signed up for any 2016 races, but the plan is to do the Go! Saint Louis Half Marathon in April, The Cutting Edge Classic Half Triathlon in June and Steelhead 70.3 in July.  The theme for 2016 is building a strong (injury free) base, shorter races and spending less $ on them!  My bank account needs a vacation from all of the races and travel this past year. However IMWI is on my radar for 2017….

Non-workout updates, I finally decorated our house for Christmas and put up Christmas lights outside.  I was pretty excited to actually be able to put up lights this year because when I lived in my Condo, I wasn’t able to put any up.  Side note: I had no idea Christmas lights were expensive?  Well, a strand of 100 is $12ish dollars, but that only covers one bush!  So I made several trips to the hardware store so more than three bushes were decorated.


We bought a tree (artificial)!  However it still needs to be decorated.


My mother-in-law is extremely crafty and talented and made Christmas pillows for everyone in the family this year.  It makes our couch look extra festive!

I am also starting to work on organizing the section of the basement with our bikes, trainers and my tri stuff (lots of it).  I still have to make a trip to Target for storage containers but I did manage to find a good spot for all of the ‘important’ race bibs that I’ve saved throughout the years: my first Marathon (Chicago 2006), my first Triathlon (New Town 2011), my first Half-Distance Triathlon (Redman 2012) and my first Full Distance Triathlon (IMLOU 2014), as well as a few others from memorable races throughout the years.  Now if we only didn’t have such ugly wood paneling, I think they would look much better 🙂  Regardless of the wall coloring/paneling, I do like looking up at them when riding my trainer as motivation.


Proof that I didn’t lose everything when moving!

Other than that, not too many other updates, just trying to get back into a training routine and getting geared up for the Holidays!


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