Off to warmer weather!

Just a quick post before I head to warmer weather – I am leaving for Florida in a few hours!  Hooray!  I cannot wait to run outside in a tank top and shorts and not be shivering!

Workout-wise updates, last weekend we didn’t end up riding out tri bikes due to a random rainstorm Saturday morning, but we did take our road bikes out.  It felt weird at first to actually be riding outside, but after ten minutes it felt like I had never stopped riding outside.  🙂 Naturally at the end of our 2:45 hr ride, it was warm and sunny.  Oh well, at least we got it in!  After the ride, LE, PE and I did a short run and then I headed to the pool to get in some laps.  After the pool, JMR came over and we headed out to dinner.

Sunday I was up and back at the pool swimming laps and then attempted to run 4 miles on the treadmill (it was pouring outside and didn’t feel like being in the rain 2 days in a row) but felt so super nauseous.  I did a really hard swim workout which was probably why (I am always nauseous during races when I get out of the water), and it didn’t seem to be subsiding, so instead I ended up heading home and took a nap 🙂

Monday was a rest day, and yesterday was a run-ride-run brick, consisting of a 1 mile warmup, an hour on the trainer followed by a 2 mile run.  It wasn’t until the second run that I was actually enjoying the workout, all I could keep thinking of was what to pack for my trip!  Due to my injury and also lack of willpower, not all of my summer stuff fits quite yet, so figuring out what to pack was baffling me more than it should have.

Tuesday I had PT in the morning, a 5 mile run after work, and then finished up some laundry.  Today I was supposed to swim and ride my trainer but I woke up later than planned and still needed to pack.  I hopped on my trainer for a whopping 10 minutes before freaking out that it would be time to leave and I wouldn’t have packed a thing, so I ended up packing instead.  This week will definitely be heavier on the running than swim/bike because that’s the easiest to do, but I’m hoping to swim and take a spin class since there is a Y very close to where we’re staying.

Off to the airport in a bit – wish JMR luck, he’s house sitting for my parents and watching their dog, Jackson, (who is 14 years old and consistently has accidents in the house) and Patrick.  For 10 days.  (My dad is gone 10 days, I’ll only be gone 6). Yipes.

Jackson tormenting his Santa toy.

Jackson tormenting his Santa toy.  Looking good for 14 years old 🙂

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