Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday!  So glad the weekend is here!

I’m still on track with eating Paleo, however we did go out to eat on Saturday and Sunday, which I was also trying to avoid to try to save money this month.  However, since my last post I’ve decided that if I eat at home all week (and bring my lunch to work), eating out once or twice on the weekend is ok.  With the cold and gloomy weather we’ve been having (although today it’s super nice out!), staying cooped up at home all weekend is not a great plan.  Plus, last Saturday after a long swim, a 1.5 hour trainer ride followed by a 3 mile run….and then a few hours of running errands, the LAST thing I wanted to do was stay at home and cook a meal.  I felt that I deserved a meal out! 😉

Training has been going well this week, I had a hair appointment on Tuesday and didn’t get home until 7:30p, so I did miss a run and have been doing 2 a-days to catch up!  Wednesday I ran 5 miles in the am, followed by a 1:10 trainer ride/2mi brick that evening, Thursday morning I swam 2000y (I feel like a real swimmer now, in the 2000’s!) followed by PT and today I have a 5mi run followed by an easy 45min spin.  Not too hectic, but definitely getting more into a training routine and increasing volume.

This week has also been a big nutrition (the training type) week, as I purchased a ton of honey stinger chews and waffles for training and my Infinit arrived yesterday as well!


My plan for IMAZ (and Triple-T) is to do mostly liquid nutrition on the bike and I have heard good things about Infinit, a high calorie sports drink.  So on Sunday I logged onto their website, took the ‘nutrition quiz’ to find out what custom formula combinations would meet my needs, and ordered my formula!  I also added a little caffeine:


It arrived yesterday – and I love that it has my little custom formula on the bag!

Custom Formula!

Custom Formula!  Not the greatest pic, sorry.

Now all I need to do is actually train and use all of my fun nutrition – which is the plan for Saturday!  I am riding the MCT Trails with my tri-club buddy LE and her husband PE.  We all bought new tri-bikes over the winter and are going to try them out outside (we’ve only ridden them on the trainers inside) and hopefully will ride them without any incidents!  I’m pretty darn scared to ride my tri bike outside because it’s so much lighter, I’m in a more aggressive position and getting into and out of aero while riding seems tricky!  I don’t plan on really riding it much until after Triple-T (the course is really hilly and technical, not ideal for a tri-bike), but it doesn’t hurt to at least get out there and *hopefully* get over my fear of riding it.  My stomach is getting into knots right now just thinking about riding Lola.  I need to get over this fear!

Stay tuned to see how it goes!!

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