Movin’ into the New Year

Lots of good things to post today – 2013 is already getting busy!!  I finished up 2012 with two great runs, I ran/walked 1.5 miles on Friday and ran/walked 2.5 on Monday (yeah, a bit further than I had planned on, but it felt so darn good.  The last .5 miles were all walking) and both runs felt pretty good – a little stiffness but no crazy sharp pains or anything close to what my runs felt like in October.  I’ll consider it a victory!

I also attempted to cook dinner for New Year’s Eve – we stopped by my Aunt and Uncle’s for a bit beforehand and ended up having so much fun we didn’t get home until almost 10p!  It was a late dinner, but the Halibut served over pureed cauliflower and roasted asparagus turned out great!  And I managed to use the new food processor JMR gave me for xmas without any incidents resulting in a trip to the ER.  Little did JMR know but the entire meal was Paleo and I plan to stick to eating that way for 2013 to improve my health as well as get me into better race shape (which isn’t saying much considering the shape – or lack-of – that I’m in now).

Speaking of racing, I was asked to be volunteer coordinator for my local Triathlon club and we have the biggest event we put on each year coming up, which means me and the other fellow volunteer coordinator, my friend L, scrambling to organize volunteers for the race.  Stressful!  I’m meeting up with L to do yoga on Saturday, and then have coffee and discuss volunteer planning.  It should be fun!

I also spoke to my tri buddy earlier this evening and he’s getting back into the swing of things of having a desk job after working from home for several years.  He’s struggling with what I (and many others as well) struggle with every year, working out during the winter and dealing with the sleepiness of a desk job that seems to show up around 2p each day.  I didn’t have much advice except the fact that it should be getting easier/better soon when the days get longer.  In the meantime, I agreed to meet him for a run/walk tomorrow morning at 6a.  Oh boy.  He’s wearing his headlamp and I’ll be holding a flashlight (I never thought I’d be running in the dark so I’ve never had the need for a headlamp), so wish me luck!

Finally, I’m meeting my coach next Wednesday to finalize a training plan and get prepared for the 2013 racing season.  The Triple-T race I signed up for this May sounds really daunting now, so hopefully having a coach will get me motivated and I will get my workouts in!  Although I’m not sure I mentioned the entire contents of the race already, just that I had signed up for a tri in May.  I will elaborate on the details tomorrow as this post has already gotten too long!

Off to take Patrick on a walk and then head to bed somewhat thereafter to wake up for the freezing run outside tomorrow am!

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