Well, after a very very busy trip to OKC, I am finally home, and of course, even though I have the day off to recover, I woke up at 7a and haven’t been able to fall back asleep.

We got in around 11:30p last night, so after picking up my gear back from the truck I didn’t get into bed until 12:30a.  After the lack of sleep over the course of the weekend, I did manage to pretty much fall asleep right away, however I wish I could have slept in longer!

Other than lounging, eating (ok, I think I used up my ‘I can eat whatever’ card yesterday….but I might extend it one more day..) and purchasing my wetsuit (I rented it for the weekend to make sure it fit right, and I liked it, so I’m going to purchase it today), I don’t have too much going on.  I may try to go for a quick run to see how my legs are feeling as they were really suffering yesterday… so sore and stiff, but this morning they feel quite a bit better.

This evening I am picking up my bike from the truck and then having dinner at my parent’s house where the little guy has been staying.  I miss him!!   I can’t wait to show them all of the pictures from the race, my training buddy’s husband did an amazing job and took some great pictures!  Jimmy took some as well, but probably won’t be able to upload them until tonight.  I had a club member take a picture of us after I finished so I’m excited to see that picture since I think over years we’ve been dating, we have only three good pictures of the two of us. 🙂  (we don’t carry around a camera much)

Now to what you’ve probably (or maybe not) been waiting to read about…. the race!  I’m planning on breaking into several parts so that it’s not just one big heckofa blog post, because believe me, there is a lot to post about!!  It was an amazing weekend!!!  Off to run some errands before planting my rump on the couch!

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  1. Julie Nies says:

    Congrats AM, I’m so proud of you and jealous. Dan and I tried to call you on Sunday but you didn’t answer. Hope you celebrated in style. Great job.

    A. Julie

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