Race day prep

So the countdown has officially begun…. done with work for the day and next on my agenda is officially the race!!!

This morning I woke up at 5a to finish packing as I got home at 8:30 from the tri club meeting the night before and was not in the mood to start packing.  I can’t believe I need ALL of this for the race… quite the change from just a running race:

I also put yankz in place of my shoe laces on my running shoes to help save time in transition so I don’t have to mess with tying my shoes:

After laying everything out, I put it all in my bag ready to be dropped off tonight at the truck.  Then I got ready for work and prepared for the busiest day in clinic so far.  Fortunately things went well and I was able to leave at 4:30….hooray!!  So I rushed home, finished loading up the car and got the little guy in the car after convincing him that a ‘drive’ was the best thing ever.  Of course as soon as he got to my parents he was a bundle of energy and already was having a blast.  I’m sure the exploration of a backyard will keep him busy for the whole weekend 🙂

After dropping him off, I went to go drop off my bike and gear.  Wow.  I wasn’t expecting a full truck!  The club is so darn freaking organized!  I can’t go into details about how they had each bike rigged up, but they had things down to a tee and ready for all of the bikes.  Amazing.  I’m pretty lucky to belong to such a great club with such organized and enthusiastic members, honestly I never would have signed up for this race without their support and organization.  Just to give you a peek, here’s a shot of the van with the bikes:


Later JMR met up with me to grab a quick dinner (yes, I know I’m not working out as much during the taper and carbs are not really needed, but…yeah. whatever).

So, I will head to bed on that note.

I have to get up at 4a so that we can meet everyone at the van at 5a….. I am nervous, excited, ….antsy…. ready to race!!

I’ll fill you in on after the race!! 😉

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